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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

NSW AAGPS Head of the River – Second Crew Summary

From 1968 onwards LC Robson Trophy was presented to the winning second crew. Robson was Shore’s Headmaster (1923-58)



Year First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
1968 Newington College          
1969 Sydney Grammar School          
1970 Sydney Grammar School          
1971 The King's School          
1972 Newington College          
1973 St Joseph's College          
1974 St Ignatius College          
1975 The King's School          
1976 St Ignatius College          
1977 Shore School          
1978 Sydney Grammar School          
1979 Shore School          
1980 St Ignatius College          
1981 Shore School          
1982 The King's School          
1983 St Joseph's College          
1984 Shore School          
1985 Shore School          
1986 The King's School          
1987 Newington College          
1988 Newington College          
1989 Newington College          
1990 The King's School          
1991 St Josephs College          
1992 Newington College          
1993 Newington College          
1994 St Ignatius College          
1995 Shore School          
1996 Newington College          
1997 Shore School          
1998 Shore School          
1999 Shore School          
2000 Shore School          
2001 The King's School          
2002 St Joseph's College          
2003 Shore School St Joseph's College St Ignatius College The King's School Sydney Grammar School Newington College
2004 Shore School          
2005 Shore School          
2006 The King's School          
2007 Shore School St Joseph’s College The King’s School St Ignatius’ College Newington College Sydney Grammar School
2008 Shore School St Ignatius’ College The King’s School The Scots College Newington College St Joseph’s College


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