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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1955 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Marker Boats for Course of Head-of-River (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Apr 1955)

The G.P.S. Head-of-the-River race tomorrow, for the first time, will be rowed over a marked straight course on the Nepean River.

The Head-of-the-River is over a mile and a half course. To keep the eight crews in the race more to the middle of the Nepean and following their imaginary eight lanes, four boats, two each side, will be moored 30 yards out from the riverbanks. The boats will be moored at the half and quarter mile marks.

Coxswains of crews drawn in the first and eighth lanes will be instructed that they must keep their course on the inside of the moored boats. This system will prevent crews from being crowded on the banks of the Nepean. It will also lessen the disadvantage of crews drawn in lanes one and eight. The King’s has drawn No. 1 lane and Sydney High has drawn No. 8.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


¼ length

¼ length

1st           Grammar – Bow: J.M. Burgess, 2: J.T. Keogh, 3: G. Greathead, 4: M.R. Binns, 5: R.C. Cooens, 6: D.B. Rochester, 7: A.R. Murphy, Str: H.M. Canvin, Cox: J.M. Goulding

2nd          St. Joseph’s College

3rd          Shore

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup

No time


2 ½ lengths

Dead heat

1st           St. Joseph’s College – Bow: B. Sobb, 2: J. Landers, 3: C. Spark, Str: E. Heinrich, Cox: P. Lange

2nd          High

3rd          Shore

3rd          Scots College

Senior 2nd Four


¾ length

1 ½ lengths

1st           St. Joseph’s College – Bow: R. Duncan, 2: C. Graffed, 3: B. Gruzaukas, Str: J. Byrnes, Cox: J. Colquhous

2nd          High

3rd          Shore

Senior 3rd Four



1 length

1st           Shore – Bow: M.B. Shirley, 2: W.A. Thomas, 3: T.M.C. Jeffrey, Str: A.J. Lane, Cox: I.F. Firth

2nd          The King’s School

3rd          High

Senior 4th Four


1 ¼ lengths

¾ length

1st           St. Joseph’s College – Bow: K. Carey, 2: A. Nowikow, 3: R. Biggs, Str: F. Spilsbury, Cox: S. Donovan

2nd          High

3rd          Scots College

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