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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1900 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

This was a year dominated by illness which nearly gave Shore a row over. Firstly the Riverview crew strokeman was too ill to row and so the Riverview crew withdrew. On the day of the race, two of the Sydney Grammar crew were also ill but managed to row. As one would expect under these circumstances, Shore was easily.



Organising Committee

Organising Committee: David Maughan - AAGPS President and C A Buchanan - Chairman AAGPS



Head of the River

Not known

1st Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore) - Bow: J F Reid, 2: A B Lomax, 3: R S Reid, Str: L W Carey, Cox: H S Bland
2nd Sydney Grammar School
St Ignatius' College (Riverview)
- Bow: H Oxenham, 2: J Allan, 3: M L Gleeson, Str: D O'Sullivan, Cox: F Conlon, Cch: Dr P J Kelly - withdrew due to the illness of their strokeman.  


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