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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1935 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

The Eights. “Shore’s” Victory. A Great Race. Day of Incidents. (Sydney Morning Herald, 06 May 1935)

The narrow margin of six feet by which the Sydney Church of England Grammar School defeated Sydney Grammar School (winners last year, in record time) in the final of the Great Public Schools’ Championship Eights, carrying with it the title of “Head of the River,” on the Parramatta on Saturday, told its own story of one of the greatest struggles, and one of the finest triumphs of school team work, in the history of the regatta.

The magnificent victory of the Sydney Church of England Grammar School was peculiarly fitting on the Silver Jubilee of the eights, for they won the title of “Head of the River” when, twenty-five years ago, the eight oar contest was introduced at the regatta, in the change-over from a four oar contest. They have now won the “Head of the River” race fifteen times since its introduction. The Scots College finished third. The results, incidentally, was probably viewed with more than ordinary interest by advocates of what ism known as the Fairbairn style, for, while it has had its triumphs, the winners of Saturday’s big race were the only ones of the four competing crews to row the orthodox style.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy



6 lengths

2 lengths

1st           Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: S. St. Vincent-Welsh, 2: E.B.J. Smith, 3: D.J. Dey, 4: R.K. Pedlingham, 5: J.G.M. Marsh, 6: L.W. Middleton, 7: H.C. Bradhurst, Str: G.E. Seagoe, Cox: E.F. Selff, Cch: L.C. Robson

2nd          Sydney Grammar School – Bow: J.L. Taylor, 2: W. Sherringham, 3: J. Boddam-Whetham, 4: E.M. McCulloch, 5: C.F. Read, 6: L.E. McDonnell, 7: N.B. Killen, Str: E.H.R. Deck, Cox: W. Dean, Cch: A.N. Finlay

3rd          The Scots College – Bow: I. Grey, 2: A.W. McIntosh, 3: J.A.C. Kelly, 4: B. Low, 5: D.A. Campbell, 6: J.L.D. McKay, 7: W.H. Cumming, Str: D.F. Fagan, Cox: H.F. Kerr, Cch: F. Ashburner

4th          The King’s School – Bow: M.G. Robinson, 2: D.L. Lamb, 3: N.B. Feletti, 4: G.D. Nicoll, 5: R.F. Curtis, 6: A.B. Gollan, 7: L.A.L. Foote, Str: K.A.B. Mann, Cox: H.R. Moir, Cch: E.G. Derach

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


½ length

½ length

1 length

1st           St. Joseph’s College – Bow: V.M. Mahboub, 2: T.J. Bryne, 3: J.J. Impey, Str: C.J. Rowe, Cox: R. Crane, Cch: F.M. Cronin

2nd          Sydney High School – Bow: G. Lane, 2: N. Gerrard, 3: L. Parnell, Str: T. Trew, Cox: R. Ryan, Cch: W. Livingstone

3rd          Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: J.W. Hipsley, 2: J. Barnes, 3: H.G. Wise, Str: M.C. Wood, Cox: R.B. Sautelle, Cch: J.B. Burrell

4th          The Scots College – Bow: G.C. Nott, 2: F.A. Paul, 3: J.W. Crane, Str: P.J. Horsfield, Cox: P.G. Rose, Cch: L.W.F. Webster

Senior 2nd Four


1 ½ lengths

Dead heat

1 length

1st           St. Joseph’s College – Bow: J. Cracknell, 2: T.K. Sweeney, 3: L. Reynolds, Str: W. Sullivan, Cox: K. Edwards, Cch: F.M. Cronin

2nd          Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: B.E. Swire, 2: N.W. Warren, 3: J.F. Watkin, Str: H.W. Fronk, Cox: C.S. Spain, Cch: E. Mander-Jones

2nd          Sydney High School – Bow: L.C. Freeman, 2: M.L. Lewis, 3: J.F. Bush, Str: C.E. Oliver, Cox: N. Gray, Cch: D.J. Duffy

4th          The Scots College – Bow: R. Butler, 2: M. Samins, 3: J.R. Donnell, Str: T. H. Whiteman, Cox: P.H. Grade, Cch: L.W.F. Webster, N. Pottle

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