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Australian School Rowing History

1929 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Sydney High School was not to be denied two years running and came back with a fine win in both heat and final. This made nine wins from 10 starts. George Hancock was again the coach.

The conditions on the finals day were difficult with a strong cross wind making for choppy conditions.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: AAGPS


Head of the River

Time: Not known

1st Sydney High School - Bow: R C Eubel, 2: H F Bolton, 3: F H Berger, 4: H V Rees, 5: D J Duffy, 6: J B Robinson, 7: B C Gardiner, Str: R G Walker, Cox: A E Kahn, Cch: George Hancock


First Four

Time: Not known

1st Sydney High School
2nd Newington College
3rd St Ignatius College


Second Four

Time: Not known
Margin: 2 lengths

1st St Ignatius College - Cch: W B Williamson
2nd Sydney High School

Heats: St Ignatius won their heat on Wednesday by 10 lengths in good conditions and started favourite.


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