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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

The O'Connor Cup

The O'Connor Cup for the 1st VIII was first presented in 1922, but has been backdated to 1918 in all official reports. 

The race was conducted in coxed fours from 1918 to 1954, and then in eights.


YearFirstSecondThirdWinning TimeVenue
1918SouthportBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1919Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane HighBrisbane Grammar

1920SouthportAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1921SouthportAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar

1922Anglican Church GrammarSouthportBrisbane Grammar

1923SouthportBrisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church Grammar

1924Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane HighBrisbane Grammar

1925Brisbane HighBrisbane Boys' CollegeSouthport

1926Anglican Church GrammarSouthportBrisbane Grammar

1927Brisbane HighSouthportBrisbane Boys' College

1928Brisbane High and
Brisbane Boys' College

Brisbane Grammar (tie)

1929Brisbane GrammarSouthportAnglican Church Grammar

1930SouthportBrisbane GrammarAnglican Church Grammar

1931SouthportBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1932Brisbane HighBrisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane Grammar

1933SouthportBrisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane High

1934Brisbane GrammarSouthportBrisbane High

1935Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarSouthport

1936Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1937Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar

1938Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarSouthport

1939Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane Boys' College and

Brisbane High (tie)

1940Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane HighBrisbane Boys' College

1941Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane HighBrisbane Boys' College

1942No race, World War II

1943No race, World War II

1944No race, World War II

1945No race, World War II

1946Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarSouthport

1947Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarSouthport

1948Brisbane HighSouthportAnglican Church Grammar

1949Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar

1950Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane HighBrisbane Grammar

1951Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar

1952Brisbane Boys' CollegeSouthportAnglican Church Grammar

1953SouthportAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1954SouthportBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College

1955Brisbane GrammarSouthportAnglican Church Grammar

1956Brisbane Boys' CollegeSouthportBrisbane Grammar

1957Brisbane Boys' CollegeSouthportBrisbane Grammar

1958SouthportGregory TerraceBrisbane Grammar

1959SouthportGregory TerraceBrisbane Grammar and

Brisbane Boys' College (tie)

1960Brisbane GrammarSouthportAnglican Church Grammar

1961Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar

1962Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane GrammarAnglican Church Grammar

1963Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane HighGregory Terrace

1964Brisbane GrammarSouthportBrisbane High

1965Brisbane Boys' College and
Brisbane High

Brisbane Grammar (tie)

1966Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane HighSouthport

1967Brisbane GrammarSouthportBrisbane High

1968Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane GrammarBrisbane High

1969Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane HighBrisbane Boys' College

1970SouthportBrisbane HighBrisbane Boys' College

1971Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane GrammarBrisbane High

1972Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane GrammarAnglican Church Grammar

1973Anglican Church GrammarSouthportBrisbane Boys' College

1974Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane HighAnglican Church Grammar

1975Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College
Lake Kurwongbah
1976Brisbane GrammarBrisbane HighSouthport
Lake Kurwongbah
1977Brisbane GrammarSouthportBrisbane High
Hinze Dam
1978SouthportBrisbane HighBrisbane Grammar
Hinze Dam
1979Brisbane GrammarSouthportAnglican Church Grammar
Hinze Dam
1980Brisbane GrammarAnglican Church GrammarSouthport
Hinze Dam
1981Brisbane GrammarGregory TerraceBrisbane Boys' College
Hinze Dam
1982Gregory TerraceBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College
Hinze Dam
1983No Race

Hinze Dam
1984Brisbane GrammarSouthportGregory Terrace
Hinze Dam
1985SouthportBrisbane GrammarGregory Terrace
Hinze Dam
1986SouthportBrisbane GrammarGregory Terrace
Hinze Dam
1987SouthportGregory TerraceBrisbane Grammar
Wivenhoe Dam
1988Brisbane GrammarGregory TerraceAnglican Church Grammar
Wivenhoe Dam
1989SouthportBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College
Wivenhoe Dam
1990Brisbane Boys' CollegeSouthportAnglican Church Grammar
Wivenhoe Dam
1991SouthportBrisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church Grammar
Wivenhoe Dam
1992Brisbane Boys' CollegeAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar
Wivenhoe Dam
1993Brisbane Boys' CollegeSouthportGregory Terrace
Wivenhoe Dam
1994Gregory TerraceBrisbane Boys' CollegeSouthport5 min 54 secWivenhoe Dam
1995Brisbane GrammarGregory TerraceBrisbane Boys' College5 min 48 secWivenhoe Dam
1996Gregory TerraceBrisbane GrammarBrisbane Boys' College5 min 54 secWivenhoe Dam
1997Brisbane GrammarGregory TerraceBrisbane Boys' College5 min 46 secWivenhoe Dam
1998Anglican Church GrammarGregory TerraceBrisbane Grammar5 min 58 secWivenhoe Dam
1999Brisbane GrammarAnglican Church GrammarSouthport5 min 51 secWivenhoe Dam
2000SouthportAnglican Church GrammarBrisbane Grammar5 min 58 secWivenhoe Dam
2001Brisbane GrammarSouthportAnglican Church Grammar5 min 59 secWivenhoe Dam
2002Brisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane GrammarNudgee College5 min 59 secWivenhoe Dam
2003Nudgee CollegeBrisbane Boys' CollegeBrisbane Grammar6 min 8 secWivenhoe Dam
2004Anglican Church GrammarBrisbane GrammarSouthport5 min 56 secWivenhoe Dam
2005Anglican Church GrammarSouthportGregory Terrace5 min 15 sec (1.8 km)Wivenhoe Dam
2006SouthportAnglican Church GrammarNudgee College
Hinze Dam
2007Brisbane GrammarGregory TerraceSouthport6 min 21.19 secLake Kawana
2008Gregory TerraceAnglican Church GrammarNudgee College6 min 4.99 secLake Kawana
2009Nudgee CollegeGregory Ter