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Australian Rowing Championships History

1968 National Championships

Men's Championships—
Murray Bridge SA

1968 Men's Programme Cover

1968 Men's Programme Cover

The men's championships held on 17th & 18th of May and were also the Olympic selection regatta for 1968.

Index to Men's Results:

Women's Championships—
Yarra River VIC

1968 Australian Women's Rowing Championships Programme Cover

1968 Women's Programme Cover

The first National Championships for women were held on the Yarra River in VIC on the 27th & 28th April and these Championships continued annually thereafter.

Index to Women's Results:


Organising Committee and Officials

Men's Organising Committee: R Doug Clark (Chairman), P D H Hill, W J Menz, B P Bishop, D C Arnold, Graham D Coldwell, J R Bryan, Geoffrey E McIntyre

Men's Officials

Starters: Geoffrey McIntyre, Derek Swann, J Ellis, William Burbidge, Graham Coldwell

Aligners: Geoffrey McIntyre, Derek Swann

Umpires/Referees: Graham Coldwell (Jury Chairman), Samuel Hobbs, Sam Rose, William (Bill) Winkworth, Phillip Cayzer, William Wallace

Judges: Robert Hemery, Doug Clark, Jim Dowrie, Norman Cairnes, R Harding, Donald Baulderstone, Sam Rose

Timekeepers: R Simpson, R Osman, S Pemberton, P Mitchell

Assistant Timekeepers (Margins): N Borman, R Greening

Recorders: E Worley and R Jarvis

Weight Stewards: M Evans and S Frewin

Weather and Grading Committee: Robert Aitken, Maurie Grace, William Wallace

Women's Officials

Starters: Robert Duncan & W Graham

Umpire/Timekeeper: William Waterfield

Judges: W Graham & Jack Ramsbottom

Announcers: J Lawson & Peter Gibbs

Scales: David Stirling

Despatch Steward: Deane Morgan

Recorder & Secretary: Miss J Pinkerton

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7 min 26.6 sec
Margin 5 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Bow: Jeff R Sykes, Str: Ken Leach
2nd Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Islay Lee, Str: Iain McDonald
3rd Commercial (Qld)

This was a first and final.

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 7 min 37.3 sec
Margin: 11.3 sec

1st Banks (Vic) - Bow: Paul Guest, Str: David Ramage
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Graeme Farrell, Str: Robert Shirlaw, Cch: Alf Duval
3rd Melbourne/Melbourne University (Vic) - Bow: Peter Edwards, Str: Kerry Jelbart
4th Colleagues/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Errol Brazenall, Str: Rodger Ninham, Wim Sirks

1968 Men's Pair

1968 Bank's Champion Men's Pair of David Ramage (Str) and Paul Guest (Bow)

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 8:18.0

1st Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cox: Doug Jarvis

Other placings are unknown

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 6 min 53.2 sec
Margin: 9 secs

1st Mosman (NSW)/Sydney (NSW)/Banks (VIC) - Bow: Graeme Farrell, 2: Robert Shirlaw, 3: Paul Guest, Str: David Ramage
2nd NSW Composite (NSW)
3rd Corio Bay (VIC) -
Bow: Lance Gwenny, 2: Gary Cotton, 3: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cch: George Xouris

This was a first and final.

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 7 mins 10.3 sec
Margin: 1.6 secs

1st Mercantile/MUBC (Vic) - Bow: Stephen Gillon, 2: David Douglas, 3: John Harry, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox Tom Daffy, Cch: Hubert Frederico
2nd Tasmania Composite ( Tas) - Bow: Chris King, 2: J Taplin, 3: Paul T Myler,Str: Reg Free, Cox: S George, Cch: Paul R Cox
3rd Corio Bay (Vic) Bow: Lance Gwenny, 2: Gary Cotton, 3: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cox: Doug Jarvis, Cch: George Xouris

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

Time: 8 min 12.4 sec
Margin: 4.9 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Jeff Sykes
2nd Haberfield (NSW) - Colin Bullard, Cch: Thomas (Tom) Treseder
3rd SA Railways (SA) - Robert Bradley, Cch: G Higgs
4th Melbourne (Vic) - Garry Ramsbottom, Cch: W Ramsbottom

Men's Lightweight Coxed Pair

Time:8 min 15.7 sec
Margin: 12.4 sec

1st Torrens (SA) - Bow: Robert Cooper, Str: Vaughn Bollen, Cox: R Potter
2nd Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Kim Rudder, Str: Colin Schofield, Cox: Jamie Barnett, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd Banks (Vic) - Bow: Eddie Mallia, Str: Geoff Errington, Cch: Don Todd

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four

Time: 7 min 18.2 sec
Margin: 17 secs

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ronald McConville, 2: Bernard Kenny, 3: Colin Bullard, Str: Col Schofield, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Mike Hume, 2: H Penry Green, 3: Robert Easson, Str Ron Griffith, Cch: Keith Bilney

This was a first and final.

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6 min 5.6 secs
Margin: 5.5 sec

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Ewan Morgan, 2: Peter Downey, 3: Rob Cummins, 4: Rob Connelly, 5: Tim Hogan, 6: Geoff Park, 7: Andy MacDougal, Str: Peter (China) O'Brien, Cox: Cliff Restarick, Cch: John Burford
2nd Barwon (Vic) - Bow: Alan Scott, 2: Timothy Morgan, 3: Peter McHugh, 4: Michael Morgan, 5: R Nixon, 6: Kevin Chandley, 7: Alan Hart, Str: Phil Morgan, Cox: William Cook, Cch: Len Gladman
3rd Derwent- Mercantile (Tas) - Bow: Chris Dalton, 2: H Neilson, 3: P Walker, 4:G Shorter, 5: R Crooks, 6: M Middleton, 7: R Essex, Str: Edward (Ted) Hollloway, Cox: P Gray, Cch: William (Bill) Trousselot
4th Sydney (NSW) - Bow: David Tagg, 2: Robert Allen, 3: Alan Phillips, 4: Graham Williams, 5: Ian Carmody, 6: Robert Tagg, 7: Dennis Carmody, Str: Ron Latham, Cox Kevin Hollingworth, Cch: Robert Stone, Emerg: Pat Hannan

1968 Mercantile Lightweight Eight

1968 Mercantile's Champion Lightweight Eight

Men's Junior Eight

(This was not an under 19 event. At this time the Junior category was a person who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 6 mins 19.3 sec
No Margin

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Richard Rees, 2: Les Ayres, 3: Ray Dawson, 4: John Shanasy, 5: Richard Garnsworthy, 6: Peter Knowles, 7: Sam Mollard, Str: Peter Teasdale, Cox: Martin Owen, Cch: Ken McConville
2nd Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Trevor Bennett, 2: M Adams, 3: G Jeffries, 4: Richard Cherry, 5: R Van Wageningen, 6: J Ferry, 7: D McQuade, Str: David Hislop, Cox: P McKenzie, Cch: John Jarvis
3rd Ballarat Composite (Vic) - Bow: Graeme Wright, 2: Darryl Brown, 3: Doug Dowler, 4: Robert Fraser, 5: Allan Dixon, 6: Bruce Sarah, 7: Greg Hucker, Str: Ian Rauber, Cox: Brendan Zala, Cch: Jack Barnett

Schoolboy Four

(1500 metres)

Time: 5 mins 23.2 sec
No Margin

1st Scotch College (SA) - Bow: Tim M Healy, 2: William R Fawcett, 3: Ken K Habner, Str: Greg J Menzel Cox: Andrew M Menzel, Cch: Roger I Leach
2nd Pultney Grammar (SA) - Bow: A Selway, 2: R Prescott, 3: W Dankbaar, Str: S Long, Cox: G Dennis, Cch: R Durbridge and G Perry
3rd Vaucluse Boys High (NSW) - Bow: R Schouten, 2: R McEwen, 3: S Brandon, Str: D Young, Cox: F Shouten, Cch: Ernie Tucker
4th Ballarat College (Vic) - Bow: Andrew McKinley, 2: John Paterson, 3: Jack Cromie, Str: David Lanyon, Cox: John Ritches, Cch: Frank Ritchie

Schoolboy Eight

(1500 metres)

Time: 5 min 14.7 sec
No Margin

1st Kings College (SA) - Bow: M Bamber, 2: B Scutchings, 3: B Moody, 4: R Adcock, 5: R Payne, 6: N Slade, 7: G Cameron, Str: J Halliday, Cox: G Worth, Cch: G Coldwell
2nd Christian Brothers College (SA) - Bow: John A Adolph, 2: Mario Moltedo, 3: P Leahy, 4: Stephen Black, 5: Colin Shinn, 6: George Duchowski, 7: Rino Dellaflora, Str: Michael Eastaughffe, Cox J D Adolph
3rd Camberwell High (Vic) - Bow: R Loveless, 2: D Crawford, 3: R Phillips, 4: I McBain, 5: J Clancy, 6: K Barresford, 7: G Cheesman, Str: R Lipscombe, Cox: I Worral, Cch: M Girdwood

Women's Senior Pair

(500 metres in tub boats for the Carlton & United Breweries Plate)

Time: 2 Min 19 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Bow: Val Bertrand, Str: Alison Thorne, Cox: Geoff Crisp
Tweed Heads (Qld) - Bow: S Ramaut, Str: M Grant, Cox: James Cowden, Cch: Jim Finucan
Sydney No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Lydia Miladonovic, Str: K Robinson , Cox: Harding
Sydney No 2 (NSW) - Bow: C Brooker, Str: Joan Lake, Cox: unknown
Minor placings not known

E1: 1st Tweed Heads, 2nd Sydney No 1
E2: 1st Nestles, 2nd Nestles

Women's Junior Scull

(1000 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 4 min 28.4 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Val Bertrand
YWCA (Vic) - Sylvia Bartlett
Newcastle University (NSW) - Margaret Clarke
Sydney No 2 - C Brooker
Minor placings not known.

Other entry:
Sydney No 1 - J Lake

E1: 1st Nestles, 2nd YWCA, 3rd Sydney No 1
E2: 1st Newcastle University, 2nd Sydney No 2

Women's Junior Pair

(500 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 2 min 26.0 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Bow: June Thorne, Str: M Allen, Cox: Geoff Crisp
YWCA No 1 (Vic) - Bow: Dot Melville, Str: Patricia Hennessy, Cox: Alf MacLaren
Preston (Vic) - Bow: D Holmes, Str: D Reeve, Cox: unknown
YWCA No 2 (Vic) - Bow: Joan Mah, Str: Dianne Manson, Cox: unknown
Minor placings not known.

Other entry:
Sydney - Bow: J Greenhalgh, Str: J Berwick

E1: 1st Preston, 2nd YWCA No 1, 3rd Sydney
E2: 1st Nestles, 2nd YWCA No 2

Women's Junior Four

(1000 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 4min 20.0 secs
Margins: 1 1/2 lengths and 2 feet

1st: YWCA (Vic) - Bow: Joan Mah, 2: Dianne Manson, 3: Dot Melville, Str: Patricia Hennessy, Cox: Alf MacLaren
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Sue McIntyre, 2: J Berwick, 3: J Greenhalgh, Str: Margaret Clarke, Cox: unknown
3rd Preston (Vic) - Bow: J Weller, 2: S Deans, 3: D Holmes, Str: D Reeve, Cox: unknown

This was a first and final.

Women's Lightweight Scull
Racing for the Herald and Weekly Times Cup

Time: 4 min 41.5 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st: YWCA (Vic) Kath Suhr
2nd Sydney (NSW) - C Brooker
3rd Mosman (NSW) - Larraine Franklin

This was a first and final.

1968 Women's Lightweight Scull Kath Suhr

1968 Kath Suhr YWCA's Champion Lightweight Single Sculler

Women's Lightweight Pair

(500 metres — tub boats)

Time: 2 min 20.3 secs

1st: YWCA No 1 (Vic) - Bow: Helen Fraser, Str: Margaret Agnew, Cox: Alf MacLaren
YWCA No 2 (Vic) - Bow Helen Hunter, Str: Carol Judd, Cox: unknown
YWCA No 3 (Vic) - Bow: Kath Suhr, Str: Sylvia Bartlett, Cox: unknown
Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Lydia Miladinovic, Str: Sue McIntyre, Cox: Harding
Tweed Heads (QLD) - Bow: Donna Jermanus, Str: Shirley Graham, Cox: Peter Jaques, Cch: Fred Jaques
Minor placings not known

This was a first and final.

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