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rowing victoria state championships

1922-23 Rowing Victoria State Championships

Of note this year was was the start of the great careers of two of Victoria's rowing greats, Ray Todd and John Jopling. Their names appear with great frequency over coming years.


Champion Men's Scull

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 20:06.2
Margins: 3 1/2 lengths

1st Stanley McGorm, Sandhurst

2nd James Barton, Richmond

3rd J C Hardy, Footscray

4th J A Jorgenson, Yarra Yarra

5th C Hutchens, Wendouree

This event was held on 16th December, 1922, over the 2 1/2 mile course from the swing bridge at Footscray to the Short Road Ferry. After a splendid contest the race was won by Mr. S. McGorm (Sandhurst) by three and a half lengths from Mr. J. Barton (Richmond). Mr. McGorm is congratulated on securing the first win for his club in championship events, his success being the more meritorious as he had won his maiden and junior sculls only a fortnight previously.

Stanley McGorm in his Sandhurst colours

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 6:36.0
Margins: 4 lengths

1st Wendouree – Bow: Ray W B Todd, 10st. 11lb., Str: John R Jopling, 11st. 10lb., Cox: J O’Keane

2nd Nagambie

3rd Ballarat

4th Albert Park

5th Ballarat City

6th Footscray

The Pair-Oared Championship was held over the mile course on Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, on Saturday, 10th February, 1923. The Wendouree crew repeated their victory of the previous year, winning by four lengths. The winning crew is congratulated in its further success.

Champion Men's Four

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 14:42.0
Margins: 4 lengths

1st Wendouree – Bow: F Walshe, 10st. 7lb., 2: John R Jopling, 11st. 11lb., 3: Ray W B Todd, 10st. 12lb., Str: H C Hawkins, 12st., Cox: J O’Keane, Coach: Mr A Hall

2nd Mercantile - Bow: H C Maling, 2: J L Mounsey, 3: R V Gregg, Str: J M Buchanan, Cox: E Counihan

3rd Banks

Other competing crews:




Albert Park

The Four-Oared Championship was rowed on 20th January, 1923, on the 2 1/2 mile course from Short Road Ferry to Footscray. Wendouree won by four lengths from Mercantile, Banks being third. Wendouree are congratulated on their win.

Champion Men's Eight 

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 13:08.3
Margins: 4 lengths

1st Mercantile – Bow: H C Maling, 11st. 4lb., 2: C N McKay, 11st. 2lb., 3: H Smyth, 11st. 9lb., 4: J Harding, 12st. 10lb., 5: M C Bonniwell, 11st. 10lb., 6: J L Mounsey, 11st. 8lb., 7: R V Gregg, 12st. 12lb., Str: J M Buchanan, 11st. 7lb., Cox: E Counihan, Coach: Mr A B Sloan

2nd University

3rd Albert Park

This event was rowed over the 2 1/2 mile course on the Lower Yarra, from the Short Road Ferry to the swing bridge at Footscray, on 16th December, 1922. There were three competitors, Mercantile winning by four lengths from University, with Albert Park third. The winners are congratulated on their success.

Champion Women's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: No time taken
Margin: 1 foot

1st Albert Park Ladies No 2 – Bow: B. Hood, 2: V. Sampson, 3: R. O. Sullivan, Str: E. Connor 

2nd Bendigo - Bow: A. Croker, 2: J. Hesse, 3: L. Walker, Str: J. Wrigley

Other competing crews

Sydney - Bow: D. Sargent, 2: B. Bagley, 3: L. Pike, Str: C. Martin

Albert Park No 1 - Bow: S. Casey, 2: H. Elmore, 3: 0. Jensen, Str: C. Murphy

The women's four oared Championship was again conducted at the Henley on Maribyrnong Regatta held on 10th February 1923, this time gaining an interstate entry.

The Argus reported on the race as follows:

Keen interest was displayed at the Henley on Maribyrnong regatta on Saturday in the women's races. There were two heats and a final in the championship fours. A crew from Sydney (D. Sargent bow, B. Bagley 2, L. Pike 3, and C. Martin stroke) was beaten by a canvas by Albert Park No. 2 crew (B. Hood bow, V. Sampson 2, R. O. Sullivan 3, and E. Connor stroke); and Bendigo (A. Croker bow. J. Hesse 2, L. Walker 3, and J. Wrigley stroke) beat the Albert Park No. 1 crew (S. Casey. H. Elmore, 0. Jensen, and C. Murphy) easily. The final was a splendid race, and Albert Park won by a foot.

The Albert Park No 2 crew was selected to represent Victoria in the third Interstate Women's Four Championship, thus becoming Victoria's first representative women's crew at these Championships.



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McGorm photo from Andrew Guerin Collection

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