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history of australian national rowing championships

Senior Scull Division 1 summary


1985Ballarat High - Sonia Adrians, Cch: Danny ElliotNo time
1986Ballarat High SchoolNo time
1987Ballarat High SchoolNo time
1988Lowther Hall - Dinah Gilbert, Cch: Greg KeigheryNo time
1989Korowa - Samantha Stevenson - Cch: Gillett, GreenNo time
1990LauristonNo time
1991Loreto MHNo time
1992Lauriston - Sam Stevenson, Cch: Nick GreenNo time
1993Fintona - Danielle Cooper, Cch: Jack BennettNo time
1994Toorak College - Taegan Kerley, Cch: Jack BennettNo time
1995Firbank Grammar - Stephanie Fast, Cch: John DownieNo time
1996St Anne’s & Gippsland - Fiona Wilde, Cch: Kate BorgerNo time
1997Mathew Flinders - Meghann Jones, Cch: Dick GarrardNo time
1998Strathmore - Kate Hutchinson, Cch: Mark DwyerNo time
1999Strathmore - Kate HutchinsonNo time
2000Geelong High - Rebecca Chisholm, Cch: Jeff WattNo time
2001Canterbury GSC - Zara Love, Cch: Simon CrundenNo time
2002Canterbury GSC - Zara Love, Cch: Simon CrundenNo time
2003Lowther Hall - Elsie Madigan, Cch: Kate HutchinsonNo time
2004Brighton SC - Sarah Hawe, Cch: James PeteringNo time
2005MLC - Georgia Dempster, Cch: Katie Minogue6:13.09
2006Melbourne GC - Jessica Lowe, Cch: Geoff Lowe, Kevin Bourke6:36.52
2007Melbourne GC - Jessica LoweNo time
2008Melbourne GC - Jessica Lowe, Cch: Kevin Bourke6:49.17
2009Caulfield GS - Rosie PopaNo time
2010Mentone Girls’ School - Katrina Bateman, Cch: Sandy MitchellNo time
2011Melbourne GC - Ebony Tsomaropoulos, Cch: Tamara McPherson7:20.80
2012Melbourne GC - Selma Richter, Cch: David Ochert6:45.71
2013St Columbas College - Sophie Wathen, Cch: Barry Gardner6:50.63
2014Sacred Heart Yarrawonga - Sara Williams, Cch: Wesley Canny5:57.74
2015Lowther Hall - Ria Thompson, Cch: David Ochert6:15.70
2016Kardinia International College - Annika Hoffmann, Cch: Geoffrey Boucher, Richard Tomczak6:19.90
2017Melbourne GC - Sky Froebel, Cch: David Ochert6:35.52
2019Maribyrnong SC - Louisa Bongrain, Cch: Tony Lawless6:34.58
2021Kardinia International College - Meg Cartwright, Cch: Leigh Hall-Sullivan

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