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history of the brisbane schoolgirls rowing association head of the river queensland

Senior Four Division 6 summary


1987Geelong GrammarNo time
1988MLC - Bow: Angela Nichols, 2: Jodie Haywood, 3: Mary Anne Love, Str: Ros Carter, Cox: Traphina Galloway, Cch: Pam WestendorfNo time
1989Lauriston - Bow: Carolyn Penfold, 2: Nanna Hedberg, 3: Lisa Fox, Str: Tania Voon, Cox: Kirsty Marshall, Cch: Tom KennedyNo time
1992St Catherine’s - Bow: A. McSweeney, 2: Sarah Scambler, 3: Tamara Di Mattina, Str: Amanda Lugsdin, Cox: Caroline Ingham, Cch: Clive MadderNo time
1993Toorak College - Bow: Eliza Linton, 2: Amy Rickards, 3: Jacque Johnson, Str: Monique Henwood, Cox: Michelle McConnell, Cch: Fiona Morris, Michael KorbellNo time
1994Toorak College - Bow: Sarah Evans, 2: Cassie McConnell, 3: Lauren Fitchett, Str: Ami Bennet, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Michael KorbellNo time
1996Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Jodie Cloke, 2: Bronwyn Puttyfoot, 3: Glenda Riddoch, Str: Amy Lehmann, Cox: Lynlet Anderson, Cch: Richard RyanNo time
1997Loreto MH - Bow: Katsy Lee, 2: Emmaline Jones, 3: Anna-Marie Black, Str: Jodie Fry, Cox: Rachel McInerney, Cch: Ross FeatherstonNo time
1998Geelong College - Bow: Jenny Abbott, 2: Olivia Allen, 3: Lucy Patton, Str: Lise Roberts, Cox: Sarah Anderson, Cch: Murray JohnsNo time
1999Brauer - Bow: Tracy Rantall, 2: Rebecca Watts, 3: Julia Mahony, Str: Karen Lewis, Cox: Kirsty Bertrand, Cch: Diane LewisNo time
2000Geelong Grammar - Bow: Jo Manifold, 2: Min Manifold, 3: Lucy Wilde, Str: Alex Atkins, Cox: Sarah Cahill, Cch: Sam ElliotNo time
2001Melbourne Girls’ GS - Bow: Alice Coates, 2: Krystalla Pearce, 3: Camilla Clemente, Str: Retta Berryman, Cox: Margarita Varigod, Cch: Andrew O’BrienNo time
2002Loreto MH - Bow: Emily Packer, 2: Georgina Filmore, 3: Sarah Trenchard, Str: Conor McLaughlin, Cox: Andrea Pahor, Cch: Nick SweenyNo time
2003MLC - Bow: Andrea Romas, 2: Tiffany Korman, 3: Tamish Illingworth, Str: Becky Cray, Cox: Sher Lee Mah, Cch: Emily Haydon, Mollie BobeffNo time
2004MLC - Bow: Sarah Dickson-Hoyle, 2: Sarah Heland, 3: Marisa Tamburro, Str: Zoe Harper, Cox: Lauren Bamford, Cch: Elizabeth AnglinNo time
2005MLC - Bow: Anouske Milstein, 2: Sophie Ware, 3: Mary Romas, Str: Molly Figueroa, Cox: Hash Merzvinskis, Cch: Alice Dore3:58.09
2006MLC - Bow: Johanna Moot, 2: Emily Soda, 3: Georgia Lloyd, Str: Maddy Miller, Cox: Sarah Mote, Cch: Ginny Atkins4:10.69
2007Methodist Ladies College - Bow: Sarah Mote, 2: Meagan Lynch, 3: Claire Heland, Str: Elle Voulgaris, Cox: Chen Yang, Cch: Louise Brown, Kate McNamaraNo time
2008Genazzano FCJ College - Bow: Sophie Gleeson, 2: Amy Hermans, 3: Hannah Nicholls, Str: Megan O'Hara, Cox: Elly O'Loghlen, Cch: Andrew Novak, Lachlan Beckett4:19.27
2009Genazzano - Bow: Meaghan Flanagan, 2: Edwina Smith, 3: Jacqueline Butler, Str: Tess Coles, Cox: Shannon Young, Cch: Leah TremewenNo time
2010Methodist LC - Bow: Kirsten Smooker, 2: Cailtin Young, 3: Heather Telford, Str: Isobel Poulton, Cox: Greta Hicks, Cch: Elly Brown, Rosie Marshman4:41.60
2011Genazzano - Bow: Jacinta Moloughney, 2: Georgia Coles, 3: Genevieve Rathgeber, Str: Danielle Sibosado, Cox: Penny Anderson, Cch: Zoe Bertrand, Clementine Arnold4:38.14
2012Genazzano - Bow: Jacinta Moloughney, 2: Erin Mulquiny, 3: Eimer O'Donnell, Str: Stephanie Gleeson, Cox: Charlotte Lawrence, Cch: Elizabeth Di Fazio, Jessica Burger4:08.60
2013Methodist LC - Bow: Esther Brierley, 2: Clare Wilson, 3: Gilda Good, Str: Ellen Holley, Cox: Isabelle Nehme, Cch: Holly Kelly4:16.54
2014Methodist LC - Bow: Hayley Gooden, 2: Coco Kirkcaldie Bowell, 3: Katherine Roem, Str: Niamh Waters, Cox: Esther Brierley, Cch: Jordy Finch, Simone Morris4:02.21
2015Methodist LC - Bow: Olivia Bryan, 2: Jessie Paeglis, 3: Mia Purbrick, Str: Ella McCoy, Cox: Sammie Caine, Cch: Erin McPherson, Jordy Finch4:19.68
2016MLC Kew - Bow: Ardu Cubillo, 2: Erica Yoshimura-Hill, 3: Liesl Mogensen, Str: Georgia McShane, Cox: Georgina Ryan, Cch: Erin McPherson13:23.06
2017Melbourne GC - Bow: Nell Crossett, 2: Manon Webber, 3: Sequoia Simpson, Str: Isobel Carver, Cox: Alex Garland, Cch: Jessica Cuddy6:57.18

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