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Australian Rowing History

2002 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st ECU Perth/Swan River/John XXIII - Bow: Annika Naughton, 2: Marion Morrissey, 3: Victoria Robinson, Str: Natalie Bale, Cox: Cecily Rawlinson, Cch: Mike Quinn

2nd South Grafton - Bow: Aleisha Smidt, 2: Katie Darke, 3: Melissa Brown, Str: Karla Bowling, Cox: Elizabeth Lang, Cch: Colin Lang

3rd Murray Bridge - Bow: Stacey Smith, 2: Emma Klingburs, 3: Jessica McRae, Str: Charie Heard, Cox: Tarnya Cocks, Cch: Ron Mobbs, Hannah Lienert

4th MLC - Bow: Tess Elliot, 2: Caroline Arden, 3: Amy McNeill, Str: Lisa Wollermann, Cox: Tori Heaton, Cch: Brent McDonald

5th Essendon - Bow: Melissa Plummer, 2: Katie Franks, 3: Sarah Griffin, Str: Sara Heron, Cox: Eleanor Angley, Cch: Glen Bottrel

6th WARC - Bow: Jess Donnelly, 2: Carly Walters, 3: Hayley Daniel, Str: Clare Jordan, Cox: NA, Cch: David Milne


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