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Australian Rowing History

2001 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Sydney Composite - Bow: Jodi Winter, 2: Liane Fenwick, 3: Emily Martin, Str: Kristina Larsen, Cch: Nick Garratt

2nd Canberra - Bow: Adair Ferguson, 2: Jemima Lohse, 3: Kerry Knowles, Str: Fleur Spriggs, Cch: Nigel Harding

3rd Torrens/Adelaide - Bow: Elizabeth Windle, 2: Belinda Talbot, 3: Andrea Price, Str: Kaye Anstey, Cch: Adrian David

4th Commercial - Bow: Kristen Lloyd, 2: Vicki Leary, 3: Nina Dickson, Str: Penny Beatty, Cch: Steve Kerin

5th Brisbane/Leichhardt - Bow: Elisabeth Preston, 2: Jennifer Strycher, 3: Cathy Holden, Str: Natalie Cook, Cch: Steve Kerin, Frank Hick


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