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Australian Rowing History

2000 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st Swan River/ECU Perth - Bow: Sophie Kilpatrick, 2: Joanna Lutz, 3: Rebecca Satten, Str: Angela Heitman, Cch: Uwe Bender

2nd Barwon/Hawthorn - Bow: Danielle Ackland, 2: Fiona Hill, 3: Rosie Bell, Str: Anthea Pyers, Cch: Dick Garrard, Tom Courtney

3rd St George - Bow: Elisha Single, 2: Nicole Packham, 3: Catherine Thomson, Str: Natalie Legge, Cch: Greg Howell

4th Sydney - Bow: Sarah Law, 2: Kyrsten Winkley, 3: Nikki Winkley, Str: Alex Curtin, Cch: Kevin Rogers

5th MUBC - Bow: Meg Hutchins, 2: Crystal Antica, 3: Brooke Penning, Str: Nadine Kapitaniak, Cch: Steve Whittington, Craig Adrians

6th New Norfolk - Bow: Jo Burbury, 2: Claire Shield, 3: Kate Hornsey, Str: Jacqui Drummond, Cch: Roger Drummond

7th Mosman - Bow: Rowena Bull, 2: Kate Gay, 3: Liz Georgouras, Str: Anna Webster, Cch: Bruce Evans

8th Mercantile - Bow: Simone Alford, 2: Eleanor Garnys, 3: Callie Pierce, Str: Emily Wilmoth, Cch: Jason Faranda, Sarah Chibnall


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