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Australian Rowing History

1997 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st Mosman/Sydney/Nepean - Bow: Jasmin Colley, 2: Kyeema Doyle, 3: Selina Lorimer, Str: Joanna Ferguson, Cch: Debbie Fox

2nd Torrens - Bow: Elizabeth Windle, 2: Catherine Cross, 3: Sophie Tree, Str: Judith Sluiter, Cch: Garry Adams

3rd Swan River - Bow: Janelle Connor, 2: Lauren Coats, 3: Rebecca Sattin, Str: Sally Robbins, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton, Ben Dudley

4th Commercial - Bow: Cathy Holden, 2: Zoe Young, 3: Sarah Cooper, Str: Veronica Lee, Cch: Zoltan Shepard

5th Mosman - Bow: Kate Higgins, 2: Monica Hyett, 3: Anna Webster, Str: Kelli-Jane Stapp, Cch: Mark Campbell

6th Commercial - Bow: Alisha Martin, 2: Rebecca Callanan, 3: Elisabeth Grearly, Str: Penelope Beatty, Cch: Steve Kerin

7th Leichhardt - Bow: Anna Powell, 2: Louise Burns, 3: Sarah Level, Str: Emily Maclean, Cch: Alan Williams

8th Sydney/UTS - Bow: Alison Chapman, 2: Georgia Koutts, 3: Danielle Pickett, Str: Melissa Woodward, Cch: John Lee, Ellen Randell-Griffiths


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