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Australian Rowing History

1997 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Men's Coxed Four

Final A









Final A

1st QUBC - Bow: Reece Clifford, 2: unknown, 3: unknown, Str: Julian Voller, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Ned Draydon

2nd Curtin/Swan River - Bow: Brendan Doyle, 2: Patrick Parker, 3: Tim James, Str: Hamish Nicholls, Cox: Neil Wells, Cch: George Xouris

3rd UTS/Mosman - Bow: Nicholas Baxter, 2: Nicholas White, 3: Alex Koch, Str: Nicholas Souter, Cox: Breanna Wickens, Cch: Michael Doyle

4th Canberra Grammar/Narrabundah - Bow: Tom McCoy, 2: Cameron Stuart, 3: Lachlan Blyth, Str: Vernon Johnston, Cox: Hugh Selleck, Cch: Cameron Kiosoglous

5th Sydney - Bow: Rory Murphy, 2: Scott Campbell, 3: James Cowley, Str: Duncan Maconachie, Cox: Andrew Morrison, Cch: Phil Cayzer

6th Cranbrook - Bow: Sandy Cameron, 2: James Bannon, 3: Peter Willis, Str: Tom Barne, Cox: Jefferson Rose, Cch: Frank Thorn

7th Hutchins - Bow: George Roberts, 2: Thomas Pugsley, 3: Hamish Canvin, Str: Michael Webber, Cox: Charles Blundell, Cch: Wayne Newitt

8th Sydney Grammar - Bow: Len Gervay, 2: Carl Hagon, 3: Geoff Dalbleish, Str: Andrew Howe, Cox: Chris Winderyer, Cch: Jenny Clarke


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