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Australian Rowing History

1996 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Eight

Final A


Final A

1st SCEGGS Darlinghurst - Bow: Clea Bye, 2: Ashlee Earle, 3: Tess Murray, 4: Jacqueline Riley, 5: Ann Snell, 6: Ann Murray, 7: Claire Glendenning, Str: Anna Short, Cox: Karen Robinson, Cch: Tim Dolphin

2nd Walford Anglican - Bow: Amelia Roller, 2: Jennifer Wilson, 3: Carline Heysen, 4: Alahna Murcott, 5: Melanie Shaw, 6: Claire Apsey, 7: Alexandra Bennett, Str: Melissa Giffen, Cox: Rachel Marsh, Cchs: K Muecke and F McIntyre

3rd Pembroke School - Bow: Elizabeth Windle, 2: Sarah Cusworth, 3: Grace McClure, 4: Carolyn Smith, 5: Abigail Clark, 6: Holly Jamieson, 7: Amber Halliday, Str: Katherine Broderick, Cox: Alexandra Polson, Cchs: J Else and W Barber


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