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Australian Rowing History

1994 National Rowing Championships–
Senior A Lightweight Men's Quadruple Scull

Final A




Final A

1st  Lindisfarne/Commercial/Canberra - Bow: Tom Hawkins, 2: Gay Lynagh, 3: Bruce Hick, Str: Stephen Hawkins, Cch: Bob Bleakley

2nd MUBC/Nagambie/Geeveston/Ballarat - Bow: Stuart Purves, 2: Sam Golding, 3: Anthony Edwards, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: Paul Reedy, Danny Elliott & Dick Garrard

3rd UQBC - Bow: Tim Kerrison, 2: Richard Edmonds, 3: Glen Mill, Str: Chris Ohlrich, Cch: Bob Bleakley


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