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Australian Rowing History

1993 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st AIS-Toowong/UTS/MUBC - Bow: Sarah Lachal, 2: Sarah Coconis, 3: Joanne Hawker, Str: Esther Palmer

2nd Aust Nat Inst/Torrens - Bow: Anna Tree, 2: Linda Laurencic, 3: Amy Safe, Str: Peta Coudraye, Cch: Simon Gillett

3rd Swan River - Bow: Karen Kerns, 2: Baiba Vilums, 3: Michelle Rigg, Str: Simone Sluchiak, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton

4th Ballarat City - Bow: Joanne Clegg, 2: Amy Pearce, 3: Heather Murray, Str: Rachael Taylor, Cch: Kate Elliott

5th Murray Bridge - Bow: Joanne Green, 2: Hayley Bignall, 3: Tracey Nesbitt, Str: Tami Stone, Cch: Ron Mobbs


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