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History of Balmain Working Men's Rowing Club

The following short history was written by Beverley Malone, the Balmain Rowing Club archivist, in 2017 to commemorate the centenary of the demise of the Balmain Working Men's Rowing Club in 1917. On the 19th of September 1917 a gale swept through Sydney and sadly the club was demolished. We thank Beverley for providing this history.

Balmain Working Men’s Rowing Club

Enterprise Rowing Club 

1886 - 1917

In Memory of a Lost & Forgotten Rowing Club from Iron Cove 

The Balmain Working Men’s Rowing Club was founded in 1886, subsequently changing its name in 1892 to the Enterprise Rowing Club.  It’s 100 years since the tragic loss of this unique rowing club on Iron Cove, a sad day in the history of Sydney rowing. The club house and fleet were totally destroyed in a fierce storm that swept through Sydney on the 19th September 1917. 

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