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australian rowers profiles and history

George J J Towns


1901 – World Professional Sculling Champion def Jake Gaudaur (CAN) in Canada

1904 – World Professional Sculling Champion def Richard Tressider

1905 – World Professional Sculling Championships def by Jim Stanbury (AUS)

1906 – World Professional Sculling Champion def Jim Stanbury (AUS)

1906 – World Professional Sculling Champion def Edward Durnan (CAN)

1907 – Forfeits World Professional Sculling Championship to brother Charles Towns (AUS)

George Towns made good use of his time in the UK and worked for Aylings boat builders.  Towns established his own very successful boat building business in Australia.

The following tribute was published in the 1960-61 Sydney Rowing Club annual report.

VALE: G. J. J. (George) Towns-Ex-Champion Sculler of the World - passed away at fine old age of 92 years. 

So is severed one of the few remaining links with those early glamour days when sculling was "The Sport" and from the likes of George Towns, Australia derived the reputation of a power to be reckoned with in the rowing and sculling world. 

"George" as he was known to all, never lost interest in the sport. He assisted and imparted his knowledge to many a young, struggling sculler, and, as is well known, produced, coached and trained others to world championship class. A sad loss to his family and the rowing world in general. 

George Towns in 1901 as World Champion

Andrew Guerin
December 2020

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