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history of australian national rowing championships

1982 National Championships—
Nepean River Penrith NSW

1982 programme cover

The weather was kind and the regatta well organised, so the result was splendid. The organising committee chairman was Kevyn Webb who had done so much to create the National Championships back in the 1950s and early 1960s. His welcome in the programme for that championship gave a good history of his endeavours in gaining approval for these Championships.

The 1980 Championships may have heralded the new National Championships, but these Championships brought the fuller range of under 19 and under 23 events which were to become usual at all future Championships.

Further the National Championships were conducted on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the the Interstate Championships on the Sunday - the basis for the format used from this point forward.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Kevyn Webb (Chairman), Don Croot, Ian Mitchell (Regatta Secretary), Keith Jameson, Ernie Chapman, Harry Clare, Spencer (Spen) Doyle, P Christensen, William Winkworth, Donald Roberts, Michael (Mick) Leahy, David Taylor, Reg Stride, Oliver J (Jack) Tanner, Neville Bowe, Alex Rybak, John Parkinson, Carl Parker, John Boultbee, William Webb, Jack Eddie, Maurie (Mo) Reddan, Peter Callaghan, George Parlby, Anthony (Tony) Bonnett, Graham Wearne, John Keane, Ken Henson and L Rourke.

Boat Race Officials: Robert Aitken, Phillip Cayzer, William Cooper, Jim Dowrie, John Drewe, Robert Duncan, Berry Durston, Ray Hammon, Jim Hardie, Roy Hinchy, Steve Hinchy, Geoff Holloway, Ruth Kilnge, Michael (Mick) Leahy, Warwick Mahoney, Ralph Murphy, Neil McCallum, Patrick McGuffie, Reg McKay, Harvey Nicholson, Donald Roberts, Ossie Rosevear, William Wallace, John St V Welch, Bill White, Noel Wilkinson, William Winkworth, Brett Woolfitt, William Mattes.

Men's Single Scull

Time: 7:22.00
Margins: 3.4 and 2.93 secs

1st Sydney Rowing Club (NSW) - Edward Hale
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Andrew Cassidy
3rd West End (NZL) - Brett Cooper
Other finalists:
Haberfield (NSW) - Charlie Rowe
Australian National University (ACT) - Peter Macartney
St George (NSW) - Tim McLaren

1982 Ted Hale

Ted Hale - Champion Men's Scull

E1: 1st Sydney (Stride), 2nd MUBC (Reedy), 3rd Sydney (Olsson)
E2: 1st Sydney (Hale), 2nd St George (McLaren), 3rd Nepean (Stonehouse)
E3: 1st Haberfield (C Rowe), 2nd MUBC (Cassidy), 3rd West End (Cooper)
R1: 1st MUBC (Reedy), 2nd ANU (Macartney), 3rd Nepean (Stonehouse), 4th Haberfield (Reddell)
R2: 1st St George (McLaren), 2nd West End (Cooper), 3rd Sydney (McCauley), 4th AUBC (Lane)
R3: 1st MUBC (Cassidy), 2nd Buckingham (Hall), 3rd Sydney (Olsson)
SF1: 1st ANU (Macartney), 2nd Haberfield (Rowe), 3rd St George (McLaren), 4th Sydney (Stride)
SF2: 1st MUBC (Cassidy), 2nd Sydney (Hale), 3rd West End (Cooper)

Men's Double Scull

Time: 6:50.96
Margins: 11.00 & 26.31

1st St George (NSW) - Bow: Allan Pollock, Str: Tim McLaren
2nd Perth (WA)/ANU (ACT) - Bow: Peter Macartney, Str: Tony Lovrich, Cch: Murray McHenry
3rd Buckingham (TAS) - Bow: Paul Harvey, Str: Gregory Hall
4th Sydney/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Kirk Olsson, Str: Dick Reddell
Other finalists:
MUBC (VIC) - Bow: Paul Reedy, Str: Andrew Cassidy
Barwon (VIC)/Manning River (NSW) - Bow: Bruce McNaughton, Str: Murray Doust

E1: 1st Buckingham, 2nd AUBC, 3rd Perth Collegians/ANU, 4th St George
E2: 1st MUBC, 2nd Sydney/Haberfield, 3rd ANR/Port Adelaide, 4th Barwon/Manning River
R: 1st Perth/ANU, 2nd Sydney/Haberfield, 3rd St George, 4th Barwon/Manning River, other crews: AUBC and ANR/Nepean

Men's Quad Scull

Time: 6:17.88
Margins: 6.49 and 10.51
First & final

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Paul Reedy, 3: Andrew Cassidy, Str: Peter Antonie
2nd St George (NSW) - Bow: Malcolm Mackenzie, 2L Allan Pollock, 3: Tim McLaren, Str: Steven Harrison
3rd Sydney (NSW)/West End (NZL) - Bow: Brett Cooper, 2: Bob Allen, 3: Andrew Verney, Str: Jim Stride
4th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Richard Reddell, 2: Andrew McCallum, 3: Charlie Rowe, Str: Tom Weir
Other crews:
AUBC/Mannum/Port Adelaide - Bow: Bob Bradley, 2: Phil Mangelsdorf, 3: Brenton Terrell, Str: Rob Lang
St George/Nepean- Bow: Lance Wilkinson, 2: Steven Irons, 3: Tim Weston, Str: David Rootes

Men's Pair

Time: 7:02.50
Margins: 1.97 and 3.95

1st Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: John Bentley, Str: Tim Willoughby, Cch: Robert Cooper
2nd Sydney/Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Clyde Hefer, Str: Anthony Brown
3rd Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Bruce Keynes, Str: Chester Mcdonald, Cch: Robert Cooper
4th Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Mark Doyle, Str: David Doyle, Cch: Peter Philp
Other finalists:
Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Graham Jones, Str: Jim Battersby
Torrens (SA) - Bow: John Quigley, Str: Tim Willoughby

E1: 1st Sydney/Balmain, 2nd Mosman/Sydney, 3rd Barwon, 4th Tweed Heads, other entry Mercantile/Monash
E2: 1st Franklin No 1, 2nd Torrens, 3rd Mosman, 4th Franklin No 2, other entry Toowong
E3: 1st AUBC, 2nd Mercantile No 1, 3rd Aelaide/ANR, 4th Mosman/Sydney, other entries: Glebe andDrummoyne
E4: 1st Adelaide, 2nd Perth Colegians/WA, 3rd Tippewroo/GPS Old Boys, 4th UWA, other entries: Perth Collegians and Toowong No 2
R1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Mosman/Sydney, 3rd Perth Collegians, 4th Mosman/Sydney No 2
R2: 1st Adelaide/ANR, 2nd Torrens, 3rd UWA, 4th Mercantile/Monash
R3: 1st Tipperoo/GPSOB, 2nd Mercantile No 1, 3rd Toowong No 1, 4th Tweed Heads, 5th Glebe
R4: 1st Franklin No 2, 2nd Perth Collegians/UWA, 3rd Drummoyne, 4th Barwon, 5th Toowong No 2
SF1: 1st AUBC, 2nd Sydney/Balmain, 3rd Mercantile No 1, 4th Adelaide/ANR, other semi finalists Franklin No 1 and Mosman/Sydney No 1
SF2: 1st Adelaide, 2nd Mosman, 3rd Torrens, 4th Franklin No 1, other semi finalists: Tipperoo/GPSOB and Perth Collegians/UWA

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 6:38.89
Margins 3.36 and 1.67

1st Mercantile/Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Colin Rawson, 2: John Cumper, 3: Martin Hunt, Str: Stuart Moreton        
2nd Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Malcolm Campbell, 2: Michael Smith, 3: Lyall McCarthy, Str: Graham Gardiner, Cch: Hans Hefer
3rd Toowong/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Geoff Hall, 2: David Rose, 3: Ian Edmonds, Str: Peter Zahnleiter, Cch: Terry Mulligan
4th Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Anthony Ansimoff, 2: Ian Luxford, 3: Christopher Shinners, Str: Philip Winkworth, Cchs: Dr Eric Longley & Maurice Grace
Other finalists:
Adelaide University/Torrens (SA) - Bow: James Martin, 2: Gerard Quigley, 3: Cameron Miller, Str: Richard Hall, Cch: William Moody
Toowong/GPS (QLD) - Bow: Chris Hegarty, 2: Joe Tooma, 3: Gavin Kelly, Str: Richard Powell, Cch: Terry Mulligan

E1: 1st Balmain, 2nd Sydney University, 3rd Glebe/Nepean/Haberfield
E2: Toowong/GPS, 2nd Mercantile/MUBC, 3rd Adelaide University, 4th Toowong/University of Queensland
R: 1st Sydney University, 2nd Adelaide University, 3rd Mercantile/MUBC, 4th Toowong/UQBC, 5th Glebe

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 6:28.70
Margins: 3.45 and 0.51

1st Adelaide/ANR/Torrens (SA) - Bow: Graham Keynes, 2: Michael Nielsen, 3: John Quigley, Str: Steve Mann, Cox: Gavin Threadgold
2nd Balmain/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Jom Battersby, 2: Graham Jones, 3: Tony Brown, Str: Clyde Hefer, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon
3rd Adelaide/Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: John Bentley, 2: Bruce Keynes, 3: Tim Willoughby, Str: Chester Macdonald, Cox: Brenton Parsons, Cch: Ronald Cooper
4th Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Neil Myers, 2: Mark Doyle, 3: David Doyle, Str: Ion Popa, Cox: Michael Sim, Cch: Peter Philp
Other finalists:
Franklin (TAS) - Bow: Bruce Heron, 2: Richard Heron, 3: Anthony Heron, Str: Roger Grace, Cox: Frank Andrews, Cch: Paul Myler
Toowong/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Chris Hegarty, 2: Joe Tooma, 3: Gavin Kelly, Str: Richard Powell, Cch: Terry Mulligan

E1: 1st Adelaide/ANR/Torrens, 2nd Mercantile, 3rd Toowong/UQBC, 4th Mosman
E2: 1st Adelaide/AUBC, 2nd Perth Collegians/UWA, 3rd Mercantile/MUBC, 4th Lindisfarne
R1: 1st Balmain/Sydney, 2nd Mercantile, 3rd Mercantile/MUBC, 4th Mosman, 5th Toowong
R2: 1st Franklin, 2nd Toowong/UQBC, 3rd Perth Collegians, 4th Perth Coolegians/ANU, 5th Lindisfarne/Tamar

Men's Lightweight Scull

Time: 7:28.00
Margins: 4.61 and 3.91

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bob Allen
2nd St George (NSW) - Allan Pollock
3rd Melbourne University (VIC) - Phil Gardiner
4th Melbourne University (VIC) - Peter Antonie
Other finalists:
St George (NSW) - Steven Callaghan
Haberfield (NSW) - Russell Higgins

Bob Allen

Bob Allen - Champion Men's Lightweight Scull

E1: 1st St George (Pollock), 2nd Canberra (Randall), 3rd UWA (Waite), 4th Torrens (Green)
E2: 1st Sydney (Rourke), 2nd ANR (Bradley), 3rd Corio Bay (Earrard), 4th Balmain (Patterson)
E3: 1st Haberfield (Higgins), 2nd St George (Callaghan) , 3rd Yarra Yarra (Barnes)
E4: 1st Balmain (Phillips), 2nd Swan River (Gallo), 3rd Haberfield (Wilson), 4th Tweed Heads (Kwiatkowski), 5th GPSOB (Douglass)
E5: 1st MUBC (Antonie), 2nd Sydney (Verney), 3rd Bundaberg (Page), 4th Haberfield (Waghorn), 5th Toowong (Hodgkinson)
E6: 1st MUBC (Gardiner), 2nd MUBC (McKenzie), 3rd Sydney Allen), 4th Lismore (McDonough), 5th QITRC ( Green)
R1: 1st Canberra (Randell), 2nd GPSOB (Douglass), 3rd Corio Bay (Garrard)
R2: 1st Yarra Yarra (Barnes), 2nd ANR (Bradley), 3rd Tweed Heads (Kwaitkowski), 4th Toowong (Hodgkinson)
R3: 1st St Georeg (Callaghan), 2nd Haberfield (Wilson), 3rd Haberfield (Waghorn), 4th QITRC (Green)
R4: 1st Bundaberg (Page), 2nd Swan River (Gallo), 3rd Lismore (McDonough)
R5: 1st Sydney (Allen), 2nd Sydney (Verney), 3rd Torrens (Green)
R6: 1st MUBC (McKenzie), 2nd UWA (Waite)
SF1: 1st St Geiorge (Pollock), 2nd Sydney (Allen), 3rd Haberfield (Higgins), 4th MUBC (McKenzie), other semi finalists Bundaberg (Page), and Sydney (Rourke)
SF2: 1st MUBC (Gardiner), 2nd MUBC (Antonie), 3rd St George (Callaghan), 4th Balmain (Phillips), other semi finalists Canberra (Randall) and Yarra Yarra (Barnes)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

Time: 6:58.60
Margins: 0.23 and 5.09

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Phil Gardner, Str: Peter Antonie
2nd Haberfield (NSW)/Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Russell Higgins, Str: John McKenzie
3rd Balmain/St George (NSW) - Bow:Steven Callaghan, Str: Allan Phillips
4th Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Les Rourke, Str: Robert Allen
Other finalists:
St George (NSW) - Bow: Lance Wilkinson, Str: Steven Irons
University of WA (WA) - Bow: Paul Ninham, Str: Ian Waite, Cch: Ken Grant

E1: 1st Balmain/St George, 2nd University of WA, 3rd Tweed Heads/Footscray, 4th Sydney
E2: 1st Haberfield/MUBC, 2nd MUBC, 3rd St George, 4th Nepean
R: 1st MUBC, 2nd Sydney, 3rd St George, 4th University of WA

Men's Lightweight Pair

Time: 7:04.59
Margins: 0.04 and 1.82

1st Melbourne University No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Charles Bartlett, Str: Simon Gillett, Cch: Robert Stewart
2nd Buckingham No 1 (TAS) - Bow: Michael Partridge, Str: Bruce House, Cch: David Poulson
3rd Barwon No 2 (VIC) - Bow:Brian Digby, Str: Robert Gardner, Cch: Geoff Hunter
4th Swan River (WA) - Bow: Russell Langdon, Str: Neville Kempton, Cch: Ken Grant
Other finalists:
MUBC No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Simon Cook, Str: Steve Spurling, Cch: Robert Stewart
Perth Collegians/UWA (WA) - Bow: Ian Hilton, Str: Ian Clairs

E1: 1st Swan River, 2nd MUBC No 2, 3rd WARC, 4th Drummoyne, other competitors: Toowong/Commercial and Buckingham No 2
E2: 1st MUBC No 1, 2nd Barwon No 2, 3rd Balmain, 4th Drummoyne No 1, other competitors: MUBC/PowerHouse and University of WA
E3: 1st Buckingham No 1, 2nd Perth Collegians/UWA, 3rd Barwon No1, 4th Melbourne
R1: 1st MUBC No 2, 2nd Balmain, 3rd Buckingham No 2, 4th Melbourne, 5th University of WA
R2: Barwon No 2, 2nd MUBC/Power House, 3rd Barwon No 1, 4th Drummoyne No 2
R3: 1st WARC, 2nd Drummoyne, 3rd Perth Collegians, 4th MUBC No 4, 5th Toowong/Commercial
SF1: 1st Barwon No 2, 2nd Buckingham No 1, 3rd Swan River, 4th Barwon No 1, other competitors: Balmain and Drummoyne No 1.
SF2: 1st MUBC No 1, 2nd Perth Collegians, 3rd MUBC No2, 4th WARC, other competitors: MUBC/Power House and Buckingham No 2

Men's Lightweight Four

Time: 6:35.00
Margins: 3.84 and 0.55

1st Buckingham No 1 (TAS) - Bow: Ashley Wilkes, 2: Ian Jordan, 3: Michael Partridge, Str: Bruce House, Cch: David Poulson
2nd Barwon (VIC) - Bow: William Digby, 2: Robert Gardner, 3: Andrew McLean, Str: Brian Digby, Cch: Geoff Hunter
3rd Melbourne University No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Charles Bartlett, 2: Simon Cook, 3: Steve Spurling, Str: Simon Gillett, Cch: Robert Stewart
4th Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Malcolm Campbell, 2: Michael Smith, 3: Lyall McCarthy, Str: Graham Gardiner, Cch: Hans Hefer
Other finalists:
Buckingham No 2 (TAS) - Bow: Stephen Kerin, 2: Paul Harvey, 3: Simon Wishaw, Str: Alistair Lewis, Cch: David Poulson
Perth Collegian (WA) - Bow: Ian Hilton, 2: Neville Kempton, 3: Russell Langdon, Str: Ian Clairs, Cch: Ken Grant

E1: 1st Balmain, 2nd MUBC No 1, 3rd Buckingham No 2, 4th AUBC/Torrens, other competitors: AUBC/Torrens and Toowong
E2: 1st Buckingham No 1, 2nd Barwon, 3rd Perth Collegians, 4th Drummoyne/Balmain, other competitors: MUBC No 2 and UWA/WARC
R1: 1st MUBC No 1, 2nd Perth Collegians, 3rd AUBC/Torrens, 4th MUBC No 2
R2: 1st Barwon, 2nd Buckingham No 2, 3rd Drummoyne/Balmain, 4th UWA/WARC, 5th Toowong

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6:06.80
Margins: 6.95 and 1.57

1st Buckingham (TAS) - Bow: Stephen Kerin, 2: Paul Harvey, 3: Simon Wishaw, 4: Alister Lewis, 5: Michael Partridge, 6: Ashley Wilkes, 7: Ian Jordan, Str: Bruce House, Cox: David Rattray, Cch: David Poulson
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow:Michael Keeley, 2: Tony Inglis, 3: Jim Peters, 4: Alex Marshall, 5: Charles Bartlett, 6: Simon Cook, 7: Stephen Spurling, Str: Simon Gillett, Cox: Martin Scott, Cch: Robert Stewart
3rd Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Graham Gardiner, 2: Steve Herd, 3: Allen Phillips, 4: Malcolm Campbell, 5: Dominic O'Loughlin, 6: Michael Smith, 7: Jeff Paterson, Str: Lyall McCarthy, Cox: Glen Pearce, Cch: Hans Hefer
4th University of WA/Swan River/Perth and Collegians/ WA RC (WA) - Bow: Chris Mellon, 2: Ben Killerby, 3: Greg Raszyk, 4: Richard Kay, 5: Ian Hilton, 6: Neville Kempton, 7: Russel Langdon, Str: Ian Clairs, Cox: Mike Hart, Cch: Ken Grant
Other finalists
Power House (VIC) - Bow: Claude Sgroi, 2: Nicholas McCaffrey, 3: Len Budge, 4: Lawrence Cumper, 5: George Costaras, 6: Peter Crameri, 7: Malcolm Coe, Str: Russell Evans, Cox: Stephen Cumper, Cch: Charles Barton
Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Peter Staunton, 2: Peter McCallum, 3: Russell Higgins, 4: Michael Wilson, 5: Alan Waghorn, 6: Norri Cannon, 7: Mathew Weir, Str: Tom Weir, Cox: Jonny Weir

E1: 1st WA comp, 2nd Balmain, 3rd Toowong
E2: 1st Buckingham, 2nd MUBC, 3rd Haberfield, 4th Power House
R: 1st MUBC, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Power House, 4th Balmain, 5th Toowong

Men's Under 23 Scull

Time: 7:21.20
Margins: 3.9 and 13.00

1st Perth Collegians (WA) - Tony Lovrich
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Hamish McGlashan
3rd Port Adelaide (SA) - Brenton Terrell
4th Barwon (VIC) - Bruce McNaughton
Other finalists:
Manning River (NSW) - Murray Doust
St George (NSW) - Malcolm McKenzie

E1: 1st MUBC (McGlashan), 2nd SUBC (Campbell), 3rd Derwent Mercantile (Flakemore), 4th St George (McKenzie)
E2: 1st Perth Collegians (Lovrich), 2nd Port Adelaide (Terrell), 3rd Manning River (Doust), 4th Barwon (McNaughton), other entries: Nepean (Weston) and St George (Harrison)
R1: 1st Manning River (Doust), 2nd St George (McKenzie), 3rd St George (Harrison), SUBC (Campbell) no result recorded
R2: 1st Port Adelaide (Terrell), 2nd Barwon (McNaughton), 3rd Nepean (Weston), 4th Derwent Mercantile (Flakemore)

Men's Under 23 Pair

Time: 7:21.00

Equal 1st Perth Collegians/ANA (WA) - Bow: Robert Tielman, Str: Warren Jones, Cch: Murray McHenry
Equal 1st University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Ian Edmunds, Str: David Rose, Cch: Terry Mulligan
3rd Torrens (SA) - Bow: Robert Booth, Str: Joel Mayne, Cch: William Dankbaar
4th Lindisfarne (TAS) - Bow: Ricky Bird, 2: Russell Hookway
Other finalists:
Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Richard McKay, Str: John Belcher, Cch: William Dankbaar
Lismore (NSW) - Bow: John Lissetto, Str: Simon Catley, Cch: John Lack

E1: 1st Lindisfarne, 2nd Nepean, 3rd Drummoyne No 2, 4th Drummoyne No 1
E2: 1st AUBC, 2nd Perth Collegian/ANA, 3rd Lismore, 4th Mosman
E3: 1st UQBC, 2nd Torrens, 3rd Adelaide/Torrens, 4th MUBC/Mercantile, 5th WA
R: 1st WA, 2nd Drummoyne No 2, 3rd Mosman, 4th MUBC/Mercantile
SF1: 1st UQBC, 2nd Lindisfarne, 3rd Perth Collegians/ANA, 4th Adelaide/Torrens, other competitors: Drummoyne No 2 and Drummoyne No 1
SF2: 1st Torrens, 2nd AUBC, 3rd Lismore, 4th Mosman, other competitors: Nepean and WA

Men's Under 23 Four

Time: 6:52.30
Margins: 2.94 and 2.94

1st Adelaide/Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Richard Kinnear, 2: Richard McKay, 3: John Belcher, Str: Daniel Milton-Hine, Cox: Michael Reardon, Cch: William Dankbaar
2nd University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Jonathon Cafferry, 2: Richard Paterson, 3: Andrew Henderson, Str: Ronald Thompson, Cox: Mat Coulter, Cch: Bob Bleakley
3rd Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Derek Mollison, 2: Cameron Hall, 3: Glenn Deag, Str: Alan Borger, Cox: Mark Gishen, Cch: Martin Owen
4th Nepean/Lismore (NSW) - Bow: John Lissitto, 2: Simon Catley, 3: Craig Butler, Str: David Parcell, Cox: Paul Keavy, Cchs: Lindsay Callaghan & Tom Jack
Other finalists