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history of australian national rowing championships

1968 National Championships—

Men's Championships — Murray Bridge SA
Women's Championships — Yarra River VIC

1968 Men's Programme Cover

1968 Men's Programme Cover

The men's championships held on 17th & 18th of May and were also the Olympic selection regatta for 1968. The first National Championships for women were held on the Yarra River in VIC on the 27th & 28th April and these Championships continued annually thereafter.

1968 Australian Women's Rowing Championships Programme Cover

1968 Women's Programme Cover


Organising Committee and Officials

Men's Organising Committee: R Doug Clark (Chairman), P D H Hill, W J Menz, B P Bishop, D C Arnold, Graham D Coldwell, J R Bryan, Geoffrey E McIntyre

Men's Officials

Starters: Geoffrey McIntyre, Derek Swann, J Ellis, William Burbidge, Graham Coldwell

Aligners: Geoffrey McIntyre, Derek Swann

Umpires/Referees: Graham Coldwell (Jury Chairman), Samuel Hobbs, Sam Rose, William (Bill) Winkworth, Phillip Cayzer, William Wallace

Judges: Robert Hemery, Doug Clark, Jim Dowrie, Norman Cairnes, R Harding, Donald Baulderstone, Sam Rose

Timekeepers: R Simpson, R Osman, S Pemberton, P Mitchell

Assistant Timekeepers (Margins): N Borman, R Greening

Recorders: E Worley and R Jarvis

Weight Stewards: M Evans and S Frewin

Weather and Grading Committee: Robert Aitken, Maurie Grace, William Wallace

Women's Officials

Starters: Robert Duncan & W Graham

Umpire/Timekeeper: William Waterfield

Judges: W Graham & Jack Ramsbottom

Announcers: J Lawson & Peter Gibbs

Scales: David Stirling

Despatch Steward: Deane Morgan

Recorder & Secretary: Miss J Pinkerton

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7 min 26.6 sec
Margin 5 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Bow: Jeff R Sykes, Str: Ken Leach
2nd Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Islay Lee, Str: Iain McDonald
3rd Commercial (Qld)

This was a first and final.

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 7 min 37.3 sec
Margin: 11.3 sec

1st Banks (Vic) - Bow: Paul Guest, Str: David Ramage
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Graeme Farrell, Str: Robert Shirlaw, Cch: Alf Duval
3rd Melbourne/Melbourne University (Vic) - Bow: Peter Edwards, Str: Kerry Jelbart
4th Colleagues/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Errol Brazenall, Str: Rodger Ninham, Wim Sirks

1968 Men's Pair

1968 Bank's Champion Men's Pair of David Ramage (Str) and Paul Guest (Bow)

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 8:18.0

1st Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cox: Doug Jarvis

Other placings are unknown

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 6 min 53.2 sec
Margin: 9 secs

1st Mosman (NSW)/Sydney (NSW)/Banks (VIC) - Bow: Graeme Farrell, 2: Robert Shirlaw, 3: Paul Guest, Str: David Ramage
2nd NSW Composite (NSW)
3rd Corio Bay (VIC) -
Bow: Lance Gwenny, 2: Gary Cotton, 3: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cch: George Xouris

This was a first and final.

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 7 mins 10.3 sec
Margin: 1.6 secs

1st Mercantile/MUBC (Vic) - Bow: Stephen Gillon, 2: David Douglas, 3: John Harry, Str: Graeme Boykett, Cox Tom Daffy, Cch: Hubert Frederico
2nd Tasmania Composite ( Tas) - Bow: Chris King, 2: J Taplin, 3: Paul T Myler,Str: Reg Free, Cox: S George, Cch: Paul R Cox
3rd Corio Bay (Vic) Bow: Lance Gwenny, 2: Gary Cotton, 3: George Xouris, Str: Jeff Watt, Cox: Doug Jarvis, Cch: George Xouris

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

Time: 8 min 12.4 sec
Margin: 4.9 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Jeff Sykes
2nd Haberfield (NSW) - Colin Bullard, Cch: Thomas (Tom) Treseder
3rd SA Railways (SA) - Robert Bradley, Cch: G Higgs
4th Melbourne (Vic) - Garry Ramsbottom, Cch: W Ramsbottom

Men's Lightweight Coxed Pair

Time:8 min 15.7 sec
Margin: 12.4 sec

1st Torrens (SA) - Bow: Robert Cooper, Str: Vaughn Bollen, Cox: R Potter
2nd Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Kim Rudder, Str: Colin Schofield, Cox: Jamie Barnett, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd Banks (Vic) - Bow: Eddie Mallia, Str: Geoff Errington, Cch: Don Todd

Men's Lightweight Coxless Four

Time: 7 min 18.2 sec
Margin: 17 secs

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ronald McConville, 2: Bernard Kenny, 3: Colin Bullard, Str: Col Schofield, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Mike Hume, 2: H Penry Green, 3: Robert Easson, Str Ron Griffith, Cch: Keith Bilney

This was a first and final.

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6 min 5.6 secs
Margin: 5.5 sec

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Ewan Morgan, 2: Peter Downey, 3: Rob Cummins, 4: Rob Connelly, 5: Tim Hogan, 6: Geoff Park, 7: Andy MacDougal, Str: Peter (China) O'Brien, Cox: Cliff Restarick, Cch: John Burford
2nd Barwon (Vic) - Bow: Alan Scott, 2: Timothy Morgan, 3: Peter McHugh, 4: Michael Morgan, 5: R Nixon, 6: Kevin Chandley, 7: Alan Hart, Str: Phil Morgan, Cox: William Cook, Cch: Len Gladman
3rd Derwent- Mercantile (Tas) - Bow: Chris Dalton, 2: H Neilson, 3: P Walker, 4:G Shorter, 5: R Crooks, 6: M Middleton, 7: R Essex, Str: Edward (Ted) Hollloway, Cox: P Gray, Cch: William (Bill) Trousselot
4th Sydney (NSW) - Bow: David Tagg, 2: Robert Allen, 3: Alan Phillips, 4: Graham Williams, 5: Ian Carmody, 6: Robert Tagg, 7: Dennis Carmody, Str: Ron Latham, Cox Kevin Hollingworth, Cch: Robert Stone, Emerg: Pat Hannan

1968 Mercantile Lightweight Eight

1968 Mercantile's Champion Lightweight Eight

Men's Junior Eight

(This was not an under 19 event. At this time the Junior category was a person who had not won a senior race.)

Time: 6 mins 19.3 sec
No Margin

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Richard Rees, 2: Les Ayres, 3: Ray Dawson, 4: John Shanasy, 5: Richard Garnsworthy, 6: Peter Knowles, 7: Sam Mollard, Str: Peter Teasdale, Cox: Martin Owen, Cch: Ken McConville
2nd Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Trevor Bennett, 2: M Adams, 3: G Jeffries, 4: Richard Cherry, 5: R Van Wageningen, 6: J Ferry, 7: D McQuade, Str: David Hislop, Cox: P McKenzie, Cch: John Jarvis
3rd Ballarat Composite (Vic) - Bow: Graeme Wright, 2: Darryl Brown, 3: Doug Dowler, 4: Robert Fraser, 5: Allan Dixon, 6: Bruce Sarah, 7: Greg Hucker, Str: Ian Rauber, Cox: Brendan Zala, Cch: Jack Barnett

Schoolboy Four

(1500 metres)

Time: 5 mins 23.2 sec
No Margin

1st Scotch College (SA) - Bow: Tim M Healy, 2: William R Fawcett, 3: Ken K Habner, Str: Greg J Menzel Cox: Andrew M Menzel, Cch: Roger I Leach
2nd Pultney Grammar (SA) - Bow: A Selway, 2: R Prescott, 3: W Dankbaar, Str: S Long, Cox: G Dennis, Cch: R Durbridge and G Perry
3rd Vaucluse Boys High (NSW) - Bow: R Schouten, 2: R McEwen, 3: S Brandon, Str: D Young, Cox: F Shouten, Cch: Ernie Tucker
4th Ballarat College (Vic) - Bow: Andrew McKinley, 2: John Paterson, 3: Jack Cromie, Str: David Lanyon, Cox: John Ritches, Cch: Frank Ritchie

Schoolboy Eight

(1500 metres)

Time: 5 min 14.7 sec
No Margin

1st Kings College (SA) - Bow: M Bamber, 2: B Scutchings, 3: B Moody, 4: R Adcock, 5: R Payne, 6: N Slade, 7: G Cameron, Str: J Halliday, Cox: G Worth, Cch: G Coldwell
2nd Christian Brothers College (SA) - Bow: John A Adolph, 2: Mario Moltedo, 3: P Leahy, 4: Stephen Black, 5: Colin Shinn, 6: George Duchowski, 7: Rino Dellaflora, Str: Michael Eastaughffe, Cox J D Adolph
3rd Camberwell High (Vic) - Bow: R Loveless, 2: D Crawford, 3: R Phillips, 4: I McBain, 5: J Clancy, 6: K Barresford, 7: G Cheesman, Str: R Lipscombe, Cox: I Worral, Cch: M Girdwood

Women's Senior Pair

(500 metres in tub boats for the Carlton & United Breweries Plate)

Time: 2 Min 19 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Bow: Val Bertrand, Str: Alison Thorne, Cox: Geoff Crisp
Tweed Heads (Qld) - Bow: S Ramaut, Str: M Grant, Cox: James Cowden, Cch: Jim Finucan
Sydney No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Lydia Miladonovic, Str: K Robinson , Cox: Harding
Sydney No 2 (NSW) - Bow: C Brooker, Str: Joan Lake, Cox: unknown
Minor placings not known

E1: 1st Tweed Heads, 2nd Sydney No 1
E2: 1st Nestles, 2nd Nestles

Women's Junior Scull

(1000 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 4 min 28.4 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Val Bertrand
YWCA (Vic) - Sylvia Bartlett
Newcastle University (NSW) - Margaret Clarke
Sydney No 2 - C Brooker
Minor placings not known.

Other entry:
Sydney No 1 - J Lake

E1: 1st Nestles, 2nd YWCA, 3rd Sydney No 1
E2: 1st Newcastle University, 2nd Sydney No 2

Women's Junior Pair

(500 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 2 min 26.0 secs

1st: Nestles (Vic) - Bow: June Thorne, Str: M Allen, Cox: Geoff Crisp
YWCA No 1 (Vic) - Bow: Dot Melville, Str: Patricia Hennessy, Cox: Alf MacLaren
Preston (Vic) - Bow: D Holmes, Str: D Reeve, Cox: unknown
YWCA No 2 (Vic) - Bow: Joan Mah, Str: Dianne Manson, Cox: unknown
Minor placings not known.

Other entry:
Sydney - Bow: J Greenhalgh, Str: J Berwick

E1: 1st Preston, 2nd YWCA No 1, 3rd Sydney
E2: 1st Nestles, 2nd YWCA No 2

Women's Junior Four

(1000 metres) (This was not under 19 but a race for non-senior oarswomen.)

Time: 4min 20.0 secs
Margins: 1 1/2 lengths and 2 feet

1st: YWCA (Vic) - Bow: Joan Mah, 2: Dianne Manson, 3: Dot Melville, Str: Patricia Hennessy, Cox: Alf MacLaren
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Sue McIntyre, 2: J Berwick, 3: J Greenhalgh, Str: Margaret Clarke, Cox: unknown
3rd Preston (Vic) - Bow: J Weller, 2: S Deans, 3: D Holmes, Str: D Reeve, Cox: unknown

This was a first and final.

Women's Lightweight Scull
Racing for the Herald and Weekly Times Cup

Time: 4 min 41.5 secs
Margin: 4 lengths

1st: YWCA (Vic) Kath Suhr
2nd Sydney (NSW) - C Brooker
3rd Mosman (NSW) - Larraine Franklin

This was a first and final.

1968 Women's Lightweight Scull Kath Suhr

1968 Kath Suhr YWCA's Champion Lightweight Single Sculler

Women's Lightweight Pair

(500 metres — tub boats)

Time: 2 min 20.3 secs

1st: YWCA No 1 (Vic) - Bow: Helen Fraser, Str: Margaret Agnew, Cox: Alf MacLaren
YWCA No 2 (Vic) - Bow Helen Hunter, Str: Carol Judd, Cox: unknown
YWCA No 3 (Vic) - Bow: Kath Suhr, Str: Sylvia Bartlett, Cox: unknown
Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Lydia Miladinovic, Str: Sue McIntyre, Cox: Harding
Tweed Heads (QLD) - Bow: Donna Jermanus, Str: Shirley Graham, Cox: Peter Jaques, Cch: Fred Jaques
Minor placings not known

This was a first and final.

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