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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website. For a more complete history, see the 2007 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River.


2007 NSW Schoolgirls Head of the River–







1st Sydney Girls - Bow: Edwina Paul, 2: Louisa McSpedden, 3: Eloise Sheldrick, Str: Cecile Elgindy, Cox: Ciara Halliday, Cch: Tim Hughes

2nd MLC School - Bow: Juliette Baloh, 2: Daisy Garling, 3: Chanel Curko, Str: Rebecca Venchiarutti, Cox: Isabelle Hore-Thorburn, Cch: Peter Hughes

3rd Ascham - Bow: Rebecca Hunt, 2: Sabina White, 3: Amelia Coutts, Str: Samantha Reardon, Cox: Tess Grieve, Cch: Katie Foulkes

4th Queenwood - Bow: Alexandra Wenham, 2: Alexandra Stirling, 3: Elizabeth Green, Str: Stephanie Johns, Cox: Briony Howard, Cch: David Zammit, Samantha Callaghan

5th Loreto Normanhurst - Bow: Eliza Giugni, 2: Amy Westerway, 3: Amy Woods, Str: Rebecca O'Neil, Cox: Katherine Wright, Cch: John Bailey

6th Radford College - Bow: Hannah Vanderheide, 2: Sarah Bourke, 3: Alexa Miller, Str: Hannah Bridie-Watson, Cox: Irene Vlandis, Cch: Hugh Watson

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