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Australian Rowing History

2004 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st UQBC/Torrens - Bow: Sally Kehoe, 2: Kim Brown, 3: Jacque Benson, Str: Erin Huttenmeister, Cch: Bourguignon

2nd St Claire’s/Black Mountain - Bow: Clare Lutton, 2: Jessie Foran, 3: Merry Steer, Str: Emma Cook, Cch: Katrina Mackenzie, Camilla Mather

3rd Leichhardt - Bow: Tess Gerrand, 2: Emily Creighton, 3: Alex Handley, Str: Lucy Mulvey, Cch: Mark Campbell, Gillian Campbell

4th Nepean - Bow: Shona George, 2: Charlotte Parker, 3: Eve Pamer, Str: Melinda King, Cch: Terry Baskett, Jack Snape

5th Drummoyne - Bow: Annie Phillips, 2: Marni Hietbrink, 3: Alex Nye, Str: Katie Cerreto, Cch: David Pollard

6th Murray Bridge/Torrens - Bow: Annelise Johnson, 2: Jessica McRae, 3: Ashlyn Johnson, Str: Dixie Sachse, Cch: Rob Mobbs, Phil Blesing


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