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Australian Rowing History

2004 National Rowing Championships–
Open Women's Quadruple Scull

Final A







Final A

1st AIS/Black Mountain/Huon/New Norfolk - Bow: Donna Martin, 2: Dana Faletic, 3: Kerry Hore, Str: Amber Bradley, Cch: Lyall McCarthy, Darren Balmforth

2nd Sydney/MUBC/Swan River - Bow: Catriona Oliver, 2: Kirsten Winkley, 3: Sarah Outhwaite, Str: Jodi Winter

3rd UTS/Swan River - Bow: Julia Wilson, 2: Sally Robbins, 3: Victoria Roberts, Str: Monique Heinke

4th South Port/Canberra - Bow: Amy Charlick, 2: Andrea Price, 3: Kerry Knowler, Str: Sonia Mills

5th MUBC - Bow: Barbara Pirker, 2: Martina Miessgang, 3: Bridie O’Donnell, Str: Ester Verbeurg, Cch: John Acton, Siegfried, Sageder

6th Barwon/Noosa/Swan River - Bow: Kate Madigan, 2: Catherine Humblet, 3: Danielle Jolly, Str: Megan Everett, Cch: Dick Garrard


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