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Australian Rowing History

2004 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Men's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st MUBC - Bow: James Marburg, 2: Steve Williams, 3: Kier McKenzie-McHarg, Str: Nick Edwards, Cox: Tim Deveson, Cch: Connie Vanderwerp

2nd Wendouree-Ballarat - Bow: Peter Blanchfield, 2: Lachlan McKenzie, 3: Nick Moran, Str: Paul Blanchfield, Cox: Andrea Dixon, Cch: Jon Irwin

3rd SUBC - Bow: Alexander Carey, 2: Rupert Sheridan, 3: Ian Allsop, Str: Alex Field, Cox: Robert Williams, Cch: Andrew Randell

4th Mercantile - Bow: Nickolas Mitchell, 2: Courtney Date, 3: Corey Hester, Str: Thomas Haag, Cox: Hugh Hindall, Cch: Blair Hasforth, David Fraumano

5th ANU/Swan River/Capital Lakes - Bow: Rob Roper, 2: Will Bateman, 3: Nick Kriewaldt, Str: Jethro Mann, Cox:


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