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Australian Rowing History

2003 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Four

Final A









Final A

1st Lauriston Girls School - Bow: Jasna Aleksova, 2: Kathryn Graham, 3: Georgina Harvey, Str: Katie Fox, Cox: Sophie Lewis, Cch: Bill Tait, George Johnston

2nd Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Catherine Roberts, 2: Samantha Patterson, 3: Jessie Toose, Str: Rebecca Gribble, Cox: Emma Stephens, Cch: Sam Hutchinson

3rd Lauriston Girls School - Bow: Miranda Stewart, 2: Sarah Campbell, 3: Anna Mcmahon, Str: Julia Brennan, Cox: Kate Fitzgibbon, Cch: Hilary Pool

4th Pymble Ladies College - Bow: Lucy Mulvey, 2: Anna Phelps, 3: Emily Hosking, Str: Sarah Miles, Cox: Jenny Monaghan, Cch: Neville Smith

5th Caulfield Grammar - Bow: Bianca Martinov, 2: Brianna Mclarty, 3: Rosemary Rutledge, Str: Alicia Ivory, Cox: Julia Kirby, Cch: Simon O'brien

6th The Cathedral School - Bow: Renee Smith, 2: Kirsten Howard, 3: Jacqui Bryce, Str: Anita Mcnamara, Cox: Greta Askin, Cch: Chic Graham

7th Scecgs Redlands - Bow: Morgan Peart, 2: Grace Kessing, 3: Pippa Kulmar, Str: Annabel Matthews, Cox: Cassandra Lothringer, Cch: Andrew Rowley

8th St Michaels Collegiate - Bow: Hilary Taylor-Evans, 2: Madeline Gumley, 3: Kate Butterley, Str: Amelia Scharkie, Cox: Charlotte Brolsma, Cch: Paul Newbon, Cliff Hutton


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