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Australian Rowing History

2003 National Rowing Championships–
Under 17 Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Murray Bridge/Torrens - Bow: Tara Ellis, 2: Dixie Sachse, 3: Emma Klingberg, Str: Jessica Mcrae, Cox: Cameron Thiele, Cch: Ronald Mobbs, Phil Blessing

2nd Roseville College - Bow: Teale Blessington, 2: Olivia Mathews, 3: Ashleigh Richards, Str: Bec Wise, Cox: Racheal Norton, Cch: Glenn Bates

3rd Launceston Church Grammar - Bow: Elizabeth Murray, 2: Alice Williams, 3: Ginny Hewitt, Str: Emma Whyte, Cox: Zara Downie, Cch: Barry Henry

4th Somerville House - Bow: Erin Huttenmeister, 2: Clare Gilbride, 3: Chloe Dunlop, Str: Alison Scobbie, Cox: Suki Bloom, Cch: Chris White

5th Leichhardt - Bow: Kim Damond, 2: Melissa Keighran, 3: Alex Handley, Str: Samantha Neal, Cox: Emilia Grunert, Cch: Richard Hallett

6th Launceston Church Grammar - Bow: Zoe Trethewie, 2: Alice Gordon, 3: Kristy Arnold, Str: Kate Miedecke, Cox: Emily Wallace, Cch: Barry Henry

7th ECU Perth - Bow: Chloe Smith, 2: Rebecca Tieleman, 3: Rebecca Brandham, Str: Angela Coote, Cox: Conor Mccombe, Cch: Mike Quinn

8th St Michael's - Bow: Stephanie Powell, 2: Mary Holzberger, 3: Caitlin Smith, Str: Charlotte Walters, Cox: Charlotte Brolsma, Cch: Paul Newbon


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