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Australian Rowing History

2003 National Rowing Championships–
Under 23 Women's Coxless Four

Final A









Final A

1st Mercantile/Lake Tuggeranong - Bow: Emily Wilmoth, 2: Fleur Chew, 3: Taryn Langdon, Str: Sara Richards, Cch: Tom Courtney

2nd Swan River/ECU Perth - Bow: Jess Harker, 2: Karolina Hayes, 3: Sarah Outhwaite, Str: Felicity Willis, Cch: Jason Lane

3rd MUBC - Bow: Sassi Mccarthy, 2: Sarah Heard, 3: Kate Hutchison, Str: Michelle Funder, Cch: John Acton, Cam Muir

4th Mercantile - Bow: Rachel Skevington, 2: Alice Mentiplay, 3: Kate Kearney, Str: Sarah Forbes, Cch: Bill Tait

5th MUBC - Bow: Emily Johnston, 2: Sam Beveridge, 3: Alexandra Clark, Str: Vanessa Atkin, Cch: John Acton

6th SUBC/UTS - Bow: Tegan Richardson, 2: Marnie Kuypers, 3: Sall Maereedy, Str: Megan Crawford, Cch: Inna Frolova, Stani Slavova

7th Mersey/MUBC/North Esk - Bow: Casey Scattergood, 2: Vicky Myers, 3: Holly Pintarich, Str: Erin Collis, Cch: Graham Scattergood, John Kincade

8th AUBC/Torrens - Bow: Lisa Campbell, 2: Jasmin Meyer, 3: Sally Sandon, Str: Brooke Willshire, Cch: Christine Maclaren


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