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Australian Rowing History

2003 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxed Four

Final A





Final A

1st UTS - Bow: Ben Wyllie, 2: Steve Stewart, 3: Stuart Welch, Str: James Chapman, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Dave Mathews, Tim Mclaren

2nd ANU/Dara/Canberra - Bow: Charles Lundy, 2: Nigel Collins, 3: Adrian Webster, Str: Ian Mongan, Cox: Richard Goward, Cch: Nigel Collins, Nick Hunter, Neil Myers

3rd Toow/UTS/UQBC/St George - Bow: Fin Murray, 2: Tom Chapman, 3: Steve Cook, Str: Randall Martin, Cox: Mitchell Rosenlund, Cch: Tim Mclaren, Tim Conrad

4th Powerhouse - Bow: Drew Holman, 2: Nick Inglis, 3: Adam Carrel, Str: Leigh Chivers, Cox: Jess Bartlett, Cch: Andrew Mcvinish, Nicole Grant


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