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Australian Rowing History

2002 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st Mosman/UNSW - Bow: Briony Clare, 2: Tegan Richardson, 3: Alex Doyle, Str: Malloury Baxter, Cch: Debbie Fox, Carly Bilson, Stani Slavova

2nd ECU Perth/Swan River - Bow: Megan Willis, 2: Felicity Willis, 3: Karolina Hayes, Str: Katherine Graham, Cch: Jason Lane

3rd Brisbane/UQBC - Bow: Melanie Clements, 2: Elizabeth Davis, 3: Natalie Seebech, Str: Elizabeth Anderson, Cch: Peter Howard, Damon Stokes

4th WARC/Swan River - Bow: Claudia Delahoy, 2: Jess Huston, 3: Anna Szczrowski, Str: Sophie Nielson, Cch: David Milne

5th Drummoyne/UNSW - Bow: Jessica Bokeyar, 2: Catherine Patmore, 3: Marnie Hietbrink, Str: Lindsay Clement-Meehan, Cch: Stani Slavova, John Ryan


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