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Australian Rowing History

2002 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Women's Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Adelaide Composite - Bow: Zita Vandewalle, 2: Sharon Cummings, 3: Amber Halliday, Str: Sally Causby, Cch: Adrian David, Inna Frolova

2nd Torrens Composite - Bow: Field Lee, 2: Marguerite Houston, 3: Megan Campbell, Str: Miranda Bennett, Cch: Adrian David, Inna Frolova, Tim Kerrison

3rd Drummoyne Composite - Bow: Danielle Lindsay, 2: Bronwen Watson, 3: Zita Vandewalle, Str: Field Lee, Cch: Inna Frolova

4th North Esk - Bow: Judy Fenner, 2: Tameka Painting, 3: Kirsty Flemming, Str: Sarah Bird, Cch: Paul Bird

5th Banks - Bow: Danielle Cooper, 2: Lauren Zovi, 3: Hannah Every, Str: Danielle Joy, Cch: John Bennett

6th SUBC/UQBC - Bow: Claire Glendenning, 2: Kelli Stapp, 3: Kate Charge, Str: Honor Conrad, Cch: Inna Frolova


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