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Australian Rowing History

2002 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st Huon/Lindisfarne - Bow: Darren Balmforth, 2: Sam Beltz, 3: Shane Broad, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: John Driessen, Sam Le Compte

2nd AIS Composite - Bow: Andrew Black, 2: Andrew Bulter, 3: David Taylor, Str: Tim O’Callaghan, Cch: Bob Bleakley

3rd Adelaide/Torrens - Bow: Marco Lippis, 2: Alex Silz, 3: Steve Thomas, Str: Mark Sparnon, Cch: Neil Myers

4th Capital Lakes - Bow: Geoff Sjollema, 2: Ben Stiel, 3: Sam Oram, Str: Cameron O’Neill, Cch: David Butt


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