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Australian Rowing History

2002 National Rowing Championships–
Open Men's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st Toowong/UTS - Bow: James Burton, 2: Justin Sires, 3: Randell Martin, Str: Bo Hansen, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Tim Conrad

2nd UTS/Drummoyne/Daramalan - Bow: Robert Andrews, 2: Ian Morgan, 3: James Chapman, Str: Finghin Murray, Cox: Daniel McCosker, Cch: Tim McLaren, Andrew Randell

3rd Sydney - Bow: James Gay, 2: Tim Hughes, 3: Jono O’Loghlin, Str: Duncan McConachie, Cox: Kimberly Brown, Cch: Peter Murphy, Phil Cayzer

4th Power House - Bow: Nick Hatjianreou, 2: Nick Ingles, 3: Adam Carol, Str: Lee Cheivers, Cox: Robert Moore, Cch: Andrew McVinish

5th Swan/Curtin/ECU Perth - Bow: Peter Langlands, 2: James Hislop, 3: Paul Webster, Str: Steve Button, Cox: Scott Howe, Cch: Clark Taylor


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