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Australian Rowing History

2001 National Rowing Championships–
Open Lightweight Men's Coxed Eight

Final A




Final A

1st Sydney Composite - Bow: Simon Strong, 2: Stewart Wood, 3: James Rice, 4: Oliver Zuk, 5: Dominic Bressan, 6: Tim Hughes, 7: Simon Curkovic, Str: Andrew Black, Cox: Sam Cooper, Cch: Joe Rodrigues, Andrew Randell, Phil Cayzer

2nd Curtin Composite - Bow: Izak Pritchard, 2: Matthew Thompson, 3: Ross Brown, 4: Derek Cross, 5: Tom Atkinson, 6: Phil Jurjevich, 7: Ben Cureton, Str: Glen Loftus, Cox: Kenny Chan, Cch: Neville Kempton

3rd North Esk Composite - Bow: James Bond, 2: George Roberts, 3: Jacob McCormick, 4: Tim Gibson, 5: Wesley Young, 6: Sam Beltz, 7: Alex Deane, Str: Deon Birtwistle, Cox: Jacki Drummond, Cch: Darrel Cashion, D Rhodes


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