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Australian Rowing History

2000 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Quad Scull

Final A








Final A

1st Sacred Heart - Bow: Emily West, 2: Kim Lester, 3: Angela McMahon, Str: Johanna Pannozzo, Cox: Louise Landers, Cch: Stuart Wilson

2nd MLC - Bow: Julia Stribley, 2: Caitlin Adams, 3: Lisa Terry, Str: Sophie Mathers, Cox: Kelly Wheatley, Ccc: Andrew Broadfoot, Benton Terrell

3rd Genazzano - Bow: Emily McGuinness, 2: Lauren Bolton, 3: Philippa Boland, Str: Vanessa Atkin, Cox: Anna Ryan, Ccc: Rhys Tyrrell

4th St Margarets - Bow: Alexis Oswald, 2: Kate Oswald, 3: Julia Fox, Str: Rinnah Ward, Cox: Hilary Bligh, Ccc: Damon Stokes

5th Melbourne Girls - Bow: Isobel Harper, 2: Lily Denahy, 3: Lucy Davison, Str: Marigold Clegg, Cox: Georgie Pilcher

6th Penrhos College - Bow: Sarah James, 2: Jayd Lacey, 3: Louise Blackmore, Str: Mary Steven, Cox: Rachel Poon, Cch: Kaith Raynolds, Mike Quinn

7th Ascham - Bow: Rebecca Bone, 2: Stephanie Roland, 3: Phoebe Loxton, Str: Fenella Davitt, Cox: Jessica Morris, Cch: Adrian Leppinus


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