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Australian Rowing History

2000 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Quad Scull

Final A









Final A

1st Nepean/Drummoyne - Bow: Leonie Burns, 2: Elizabeth Kell, 3: Megan Crawford, Str: Kristy-Lee Watson-Jones, Cch: Deborah Fox, Lindsay Callaghan, Stani Slaova

2nd Torrens/Adelaide/Murray Bridge - Bow: Katie Bowley, 2: Cathy Skinner, 3: Hannah Lienert, Str: Hannah Doecke, Cch: Evan Stilwell, Ron Mobs

3rd Toowong/Surfers paradise - Bow: Kristen Wakefield, 2: Stacey Wallace, 3: Kirsten Polson, Str: Julia Marler, Cch: Phillip Bourguignon

4th St George - Bow: Peta Smith, 2: Rachael Duhigg, 3: Blake Rutledge, Str: Hally Hames, Cch: Greg Howell

5th Nepean - Bow: Andrea Taylor, 2: Jayna Hasson, 3: Sophie Holmes, Str: Katie Palin, Cch: John Baskett, Stephen Parker

6th Black Mountain/Canberra/Capital Lakes - Bow: Melissa Beudeker, 2: Suzanne Morris, 3: Philippa O’Shea, Str: Julia Brown, Cch: Cate Coddington, Simon Leonard

7th Essendon/Barwon - Bow: Fiona Lindsay, 2: Kate Lindsay, 3: Kate Hutchinson, Str: Anna Kelly, Cch: Mark Dwyer

8th MLC - Bow: Julia Stribley, 2: Caitlin Adams, 3: Lisa Terry, Str: Sophie Mathers, Cch: Brenton Terrell, Andrew Broadfoot


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