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Australian Rowing History

2000 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Lightweight Women's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st MUBC - Bow: Georgie Johnston, 2: Katie Moore, 3: Mary O’Connor, Str: Amy Paynter, Cch: Brenton Terrell

2nd SUBC/Mosman - Bow: Kate Higgins, 2: Amy Armati, 3: Kate Charge, Str: Emma Shaw, Cch: Frank Thorn

3rd Commercial/Huon - Bow: Mollie Hill, 2: Jackie McGrath, 3: Julia Callahan, Str: Rebecca Cooksley, Cch: Steve Kerin, Roger Drummond

4th Toowong/Surfers Paradise - Bow: Kristen Wakefield, 2: Stacey Wallace, 3: Belinda Harris, Str: Fiona Fraser, Cch: Philip Bourguignon

5th Barwon - Bow: Fiona Lindsay, 2: Kate Lindsay, 3: Vanessa Hall, Str: Meagan McDonald, Cch: Brian Digby

6th Hawthorn - Bow: Natalie Howell, 2: Jessica Harrison, 3: Danielle Ackland, Str: Fiona Hill, Cch: Greg Van Prooyen, Mark Baxter


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