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Australian Rowing History

2000 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Lightweight Men's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st SUBC - Bow: Stuart Anderson, 2: Dominic Bressan, 3: Stewart Old, Str: Tim O’Callaghan, Cch: Daniel McCosker

2nd New Norfolk/Lindisfarne/North Esk - Bow: Sam Beltz, 2: Deon Birtwistle, 3: Alistair McLeod, Str: George Roberts, Ach: Darrel Cashion

3rd Swan River - Bow: Ross Brown, 2: Joel Metaxas, 3: Patrick Ford, Str: Shane Chadwick, Cch: George Xouris

4th Hong Kong - Bow: Hit-Fung Law, 2: Ka-Wai Tam, 3: Ho-Yin Li, Str: Chun-Shan Cheung, Cch: Alex Lo


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