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Australian Rowing History

1999 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Murray Bridge - Bow: Julia Llewellyn, 2: Hannah Lienert, 3: Hannah Doecke, Str: Sally Llewellyn, Cox: Jacob Mobbs, Cch: Ronald Mobbs

2nd Genazzano - Bow: Anna Pennycuick, 2: Beth Barlow, 3: Vanessa Atkin, Str: Nicola Voselis, Cox: Maree Wilding, Cch: Rhys Tyrrell

3rd PLC Sydney - Bow: Mel Shea, 2: Amelia Farrelly-Rogers, 3: Fiona Giblin, Str: Amy Chaffey, Cox: Alex Barry, Cch: Peter Stroud

4th MLC Melbourne - Bow: Sally Cunningham, 2: Holly Ames, 3: Jane Terry, Str: Sarah Raisbech, Cox: Luren Harry, Cch: Andrew Broadfoot

5th Wilderness - Bow: Grace Hynd, 2: Lindsey Hobbs, 3: Alex Shannon, Str: Josie Prescott, Cox: Stephanie Porter, Cch: Eric Eastaughffe

6th MLC Sydney - Bow: Chloe Gabbey, 2: Lana Pavasovic, 3: Elizabeth Kell, Str: Tegan Richardson, Cox: Lauren Amos, Cch: Eve Andrews


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