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Australian Rowing History

1999 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st Mercantile - Bow: Scot Nash, 2: Kris Coventry, 3: David Clerk, Str: David Crawshay, Cox: Harley Sedman, Cch: Peter Somerville

2nd Sydney - Bow: Adrian Webster, 2: Scott Gorman, 3: Michael Burke, Str: Hugh Willoughby, Cox: Dave Whetton, Cch: Alan Bennett

3rd Drummoyne/UQBC - Bow: Ben Hegerty, 2: John Gilmore, 3: Christopher Baylis, Str: Stephen Stewart, Cox: Pam Plumptre, Cch: Andrew Randell

4th Mercantile - Bow: Andrew Rees, 2: John Kupins, 3: Jeff Coats, Str: Matthew Phillips, Cox: Michel Russian, Cch: Simon Morrison

5th MUBC - Bow: Daniel Meehan, 2: Michael Love, 3: Richard Ross, Str: Andrew Latrlille, Cox: Cam Muir, Cch: Bruce Bills

6th MUBC - Bow: Dave Pattison, 2: Alex Danne, 3: Troy Kooloos, Str: Peter Hannam, Cox: Sam Pullin, Cch: Chris O’Brien


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