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Australian Rowing History

1998 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st Lauriston - Bow: Emily Wilmoth, 2: Sally Crittenden, 3: Eleanor Garuys, Str: Callie Pearce, Cox: Emma Simpson, Cch: Bill Tait, Jenny Clarke

2nd Friends - Bow: Alicia Crisp, 2: Lucinda Scott, 3: Claire Shield, Str: Georgia Wells, Cox: Alice Stewart, Cch: Roger Drummond

3rd MLC Melbourne - Bow: Meg Hutchins, 2: Tanya Johnston, 3: Sean Tait, Str: Cherie Gendre, Cox: Loren Harry, Cch: Jess Morrison, Brenton Terrell

4th Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Felicity Lawrence, 2: Sally Matthews, 3: Jeanine Diener, Str: Monique Tersteeg, Cox: Anna Gray, Cch: Andrea Bateman, Sam Hutchinson

5th St Catherines - Bow: Amy Burke, 2: Claire Stewart, 3: Amy Bell, Str: Jessica Tallent, Cox: Eliza Peters, Cch: Timothy Fogarty

6th Lauriston - Bow: Lucy Cohen, 2: Catherine Haslock, 3: Katherine Moore, Str: George Johnston, Cox: Eve MacKinnon, Cch: Gina Douglas


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