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Australian Rowing History

1998 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st PLC Sydney - Bow: Amy Chaffey, 2: Nicola Phillips, 3: Emma Chipchase, Str: Olivia Reid, Cox: Alex Barry, Cch: Peter Stroud

2nd Murray Bridge - Bow: Elizabeth Kell, 2: Tegan Richardson, 3: Jana Pavasovic, Str: Chloe Gabby, Cox: Erin Swanborough, Cch: Jason Lee

3rd MLC Melbourne - Bow: Kari Entwisle, 2: Sarah Dalley, 3: Anglia Moore, Str: Mary O’Connor, Cox: Rebecca Lawton, Cch: Fleur McIntyre, Brenton Terrell

4th Sacred Heart - Bow: Carolyn Silcok, 2: Sally McKeag, 3: Kate McManus, Str: Anneleise Jens, Cox: Elizabeth Lineen, Cch: Leisa Wilson

5th Genazzano - Bow: Sarah O’Connell, 2: Emma Lawler, 3: Rebecca Rush, Str: Nicola Voselis, Cox: Chantel Vallence, Cch: Georgia Radcliffe-Smith

6th Melbourne GGS - Bow: Louisa Blancha, 2: Maryanne Broadfoot, 3: Alice Maloney, Str: Serrin Gardner, Cox: Emma Cable, Cch: Paul Reedy


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