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Australian Rowing History

1998 National Rowing Championships–
Senior A Lightweight Women's Quad Scull

Final A






Final A

1st St George/UTS - Bow: Bronwyn Watson, 2: Natalie Robson, 3: Catriona Thompson, Str: Joanne Morgan, Cch: Greg Howell, Ellen Randell-Griffiths

2nd MUBC - Bow: Amanda Coster, 2: Emma Rickards, 3: Kath McCallum, Str: Jill Burston, Cch: Paul Reedy, Stefan Tobler

3rd Banks - Bow: Felicity Brand, 2: unknown, 3: unknown, Str: Hannah Every, Cch: John Bennett

4th Canberra - Bow: Anna Wik, 2: Juliet Fisher, 3: Jemima Lohse, Str: Jemima Lohse

5th Mosman/SUBC


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