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Australian Rowing History

1998 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st MUBC - Bow: Karsten Forsterling, 2: Anthony Coglan, 3: Timothy Windmer, Str: Lachlan McPherson, Cch: Andrew Morgan

2nd UQBC - Bow: Sean Parson, 2: David Mathews, 3: Simon Taylor, Str: Hardy Cubash, Cox: Tom Patterson, Cch: Tim Conrad, John Bowes, Shaun Stevens

3rd St Patricks - Bow: Josh Frichot, 2: Scott Magee, 3: Gareth Trickey, Str: Andrew Powell, Cox: Dominic Kerr, Cch: Kevin O’Brien, Andrew O’Brien

4th Swan River - Bow: James Symons, 2: James Towry, 3: Lucas Sandor, Str: Laurie Webber, Cox: Jessica Hall, Cch: Patti Pinkerton, Ben Dubley

5th Redlands - Bow: Cameron Allen, 2: Guy Saunders, 3: Jordan Thuriow, Str: Scott Fairweather, Cox: Andrew Wilson, Cch: Andrew Rowley

6th Narrabundah - Bow: Vernon Johnston, 2: Tom McCoy, 3: Michael Simmons, Str: Nathan White, Cch: Scott Chesterton, Cameron Kiosoglous


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