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Australian Rowing History

1997 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Four

Final A









Final A

1st Ballarat Grammar - Bow: Katrina Walsh, 2: Tamsin Barnett, 3: Melissa Walsh, Str: Elizabeth Martin, Cox: Anna Gray, Cch: Rob Gray

2nd Firbank - Bow: Melanie Hayden, 2: Georgina Bunn, 3: Laura Blunden, Str: Amy Panter, Cox: May Lilley, Cch: Geoff Barden

3rd Horsham - Bow: Danielle Ackland, 2: Bree Wyeth, 3: Trudi MacKenzie, Str: Ellen Dovey, Cox: Katherine Jackman, Cch: David Grimmett

4th Ballarat and Clarendon - Bow: Sara Murphy, 2: Fiona Barber, 3: Megan Armstrong, Str: Lauren Halliburton, Cox: Jessica Chapman, Cch: Jonathon Fawceit

5th MLC - Bow: Edwina Howell, 2: Katie Davies, 3: Kate Pirrie, Str: Sally Gentle, Cox: Rebecca Lawton, Cch: Georgina Radcliffe-Smith

6th Lauriston - Bow: Emily Wilmoth, 2: Sally Crittenden, 3: Callie Pearce, Str: Eleanor Garnys, Cox: Elizabeth Pearce, Cch: Nic Boileau

7th Scotch Oakburn - Bow: Claire Target, 2: Candice Johnson, 3: Felicity Earles, Str: Miffy Louth, Cox: Megan Louth, Cch: John Keogh

8th MLC - Bow: Michelle Eastwood, 2: Jean Tait, 3: Catriona Oliver, Str: Michelle Tuck, Cox: Karin Skipworth, Cch: Brenton Terrell, Georgina Radcliffe-Smith


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