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Australian Rowing History

1996 National Rowing Championships–
Senior A Lightweight Men's Coxed Eight

Final A


Final A

1st MUBC Composite - Bow: Andrew Broadfoot, 2: Stuart Peele, 3: Matt Russell, 4: Tim Wright, 5: Andrew Lane, 6: Anthony Edwards, 7: Stuart Purves, Str: Matt Russell, Cox: David Colvin, Cch: Lyall McCarthy

2nd WARC/Curtin/Torrens - Bow: Jim Cross, 2: David Belcher, 3: Tom Atkinson, 4: Duncan Mitchell, 5: Anthony Ingham, 6: Glenn Loftus, 7: Mark James, Str: Alex Harrison, Cox: Robert Dallimore, Cchs: Gavin Russell and Neville Kempton

3rd Sydney/SUBC/Nepean - Bow: Alex Headley, 2: Michael Parkes, 3: Simon Gray, 4: Duncan Lawson, 5: Antony Schultz, 6: Richard Toepfer, 7: Ken Major, Str: Michael Wiseman, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cchs: Phil Cayzer and Hanspeter Madritsch


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