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Australian Rowing History

1995 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st Lauriston Girls - Bow: Hilary Poole, 2: Amber Paterson, 3: Sarah Billens, Str: Charlotte Waters, Cox: Sophie Mckinnon, Cch: Tim Derham

2nd Ballarat & Clarendon - Bow: Elissa Howell, 2: Kathryn Hunter, 3: Fiona Barber, Str: Megan Armstrong, Cox: Sally Hook, Cch: Tony Heys

3rd Somerville House - Bow: Samare Martin, 2: Emma Brown, 3: Masina Johnston, Str: Brooke Brown, Cox: Cherie Everett, Cch: Chris Grummitt

4th Methodist Ladies’ College - Bow: Eliza Harvey, 2: Anna Fletcher, 3: Michelle Tehan, Str: Tammie Hocking, Cox: Emilt Trewartha, Cch: Caitlin Fraser

5th Lauriston Girls - Bow: Sarah Beaumont, 2: Rachel Constantopoulos, 3: Anne-Marie Pollard, Str: Claire Gaylord, Cox: Anne Gooley, Cch: Nick Boileau

6th Methodist Ladies’ College - Bow: Stephanie White, 2: Sally Chapman, 3: Greer Mccracken, Str: Linda Forsyth, Cox: Nicky Hart, Cch: Caitlin Fraser


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