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Australian Rowing History

1995 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Four

Final A





Final A

1st Nepean - Bow: Kristina Larsen, 2: Shea Crumlin, 3: Mina Obradovic, Str: Deidre Coates, Cch: Harald Jahrling & Debbie FoxS

2nd Adelaide/Riverside - Bow: Emily Haynes, 2: Jenni Vesnaver, 3: Melissa Nyveld, Str: Kerryn Hill, Cch: Andrew Pierce

3rd Lauriston Girls School - Bow: Hilary Poole, 2: Amber Paterson, 3: Sarah Billens, Str: Charlotte Waters, Cch: Tim Derham

p>4th Yarra Yarra/Corio Bay - Bow: Rhonda Panjkov, 2: Carlee Grant, 3: Louise Juracich, Str: Rosie Goode, Cch: John Downie & Andrew Logan


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