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Australian Rowing History

1995 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Sandy Bay - Bow: Emily Grant, 2: Lydia Blundell, 3: Anna Gallaway, Str: Joanna Burbury, Cch: Michael Reardon

2nd Riverside - Bow: Jane Mcfarlane, 2: Kisahn Lamshed, 3: Sarah Mcfarlane, Str: Anna Muecke, Cch: Peter Tierney

3rd Nepean - Bow: Elisha Rose, 2: Jasmin Colley, 3: Nicole Timbrell, Str: Georgina Tucker, Cch: Debbie Fox

4th Adelaide University - Bow: Rebecca Turner, 2: Rosie Maughan, 3: Angela Harris, Str: Penny Greatorex

5th Swan River/Murdoch - Bow: Jenny Evans, 2: Jaye Reynolds, 3: Claire Reeson, Str: Bernice Cooper, Cch: Ben Dudley & Patricia Pinkerton

6th Uni of WA - Bow: Georgina Walsh, 2: Emily Pinkus, 3: Susie De Jongh, Str: Michelle Watson, Cch: Duncan Barton


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